• You have ever right to assume that nothing is happening — the more that they can keep the likes of JOE public confused the better — I would not mind betting that our quest for a NBP will get pushed as far back as they possibly can — or we will end up with some kind of short Northern road/route in the hopes of keeping us happy they are all…[Read more]

  • What’s all this — another load of old Ben shit — I have said all along that he speaks with a forked tongue — all the more reason for us to keep pushing for a NBP and not a Northern route — have been on Nextdoor have mentioned our concerns and the need for a NBP received two hits within one hour in favour — will be mentioning our debate on…[Read more]

  • Yes that is the photo — I did pass remarks about way back on streetlife — I just wondered if it was somewhere in the Fynn Valley — if he leaves politics and go back to being a doctor he will have more time to walk his dog — as regards Erion Xhaferaj have not ignored your question but have got to go back to my old emails to find the answer

  • I am not clever enough to talk the talk as the politicians do, I am just an ordinary guy who know when I am being hoodwinked, I feel that Ben Gummer is pulling the same old stunt as he did a few years ago when he was seeking to get elected as an MP — as you have said he has only uttered/mentioned the NBP once, to my mind he is once again being…[Read more]

  • Dan I am not trying to split the votes — we now have the May election and the June election the may election is for the SCC — what I am trying to say is yes vote independent for this one — the June election is to give PM May more power to the elbow for Britain to leave the EU — if the people of Britain want to achieve all that is best then…[Read more]

  • This post may be under the wrong heading but in a way, I feel it is appropriate to put it on here — £78m plus £60m for bridges another £20m for the wine rack, and you can bet your bottom dollar by the time it/they are all finished it will cost more than that — why and how is it that money can be pulled out of the hat just like that?
    We all kn…[Read more]

  • What is the latest estimate for the NBP? I don’t know — But did not the SCC once say that they want 15 years to come to a conclusion — ring any bells?? — Somewhere I also read that Cambridge university was interested in building some sort of complex there and working with the university of Ipswich — now that would be something for this town –…[Read more]

  • I may be wrong and therefore stand to be corrected — it would appear that David Goldsmith and Erion Xhaferaj are now leaving the IBC and standing as candidates for the SCC — if they are between councils so to speak how can anyone contact them by E Mail — how can one get the correct EM address? — I had cause to contact Erion Xhaferaj by email…[Read more]

  • Sorry should have said — there are lots of things that Ipswich don’t need bridge over the river kwai and skateboard area in town centre

  • First things first Ben Gummer is just riding the crest of the wave knowing full well that the SCC will hang on for years before finally giving in and let Ipswich have a much needed NBP — not only should we give him the heave hoo but Dan Poulter with him — but is there anyone else that we can replace them with — certainly not Labour — I would…[Read more]

  • While I agree with the Post’s of Mart and Dan I would like to point out another problem that Ipswich have and it will only get worst when Gummers baby gets built — The Bridge over the river kwai even that was destroyed in the end but unfortunately for Ipswich, this is no film. but it is in a way a form of diversion and of delaying tactics rather…[Read more]

  • Just had — (Labour Today — News from Labour in Ipswich) — put through my letter box
    Big Black headline — GRIDLOCK IPSWICH
    It’s Time To Get Our
    Traffic Moving Again
    But not one mention of our need for a NBP — Have written them a lengthly E-Mail — have asked them to acknowledge — and also ask them…[Read more]

  • Ipswich Ltd Please do not take my remarks as a criticism of this site — without what you have done I think the NBP part 4 would have been dead in the water by now — it is just me — all I truly want is for more people to be able to join in — regards setting up a democratic group for Ipswich sounds good to me — (Also looking at options…[Read more]

  • Mart’s post of about three and a half hours ago I totally agree with — No NBP — No Northern fringe big build — anyone with sense can see what will happen if one come into being and not the other — why can they not be done together or not at all
    Some way or the other we have got to change the thinking of the SCC and the IBC

  • Ipswich Ltd thanks for giving us this platform to put our case forward — but I feel that it do lack the publication of the wider audience — somehow we/you have got to achieve this — and if possible make it more like streetlife — not so complicated — this is not a criticism of what you have achieved so far — but a worry that more people do…[Read more]

  • The post’s of M Prime and paul e. have once again brought up some interesting points of view — if the SCC feel the need for more traffic lights I know just the place to put them, but I must say it would cause great pain to all that serve on the SCC.

    As I have said before the A14 slip road on the Asda/Bury roundabout all the way down the Norwich…[Read more]

  • Sorry to disagree with Michael B not Lord Stuor — it should be and is Lord Deben — he has little time for the people of Ipswich and their problems — so the further away the better

  • Having read the link that Dan provided regarding the pinch points on the A14 I am more convinced than ever that devious Gummer was aware that this was going to be announced and was/is hoping that this would divert our attention away from our quest for a NBP — I know that Ipswich is not the A14 but we also have pinch points/ or nip points that…[Read more]

  • Been busy of late but have now found the time to comment on BENS BLOG — I feel that he is still speaking with a forked tongue — still yapping about a Northern Route — when he knows full well we need a dual way NORTHERN BYPASS — also saying now is the time to start pushing for one — we have been debating and shouting for one for the last 18…[Read more]

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