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    Hi All been busy of late, finally had time to have a look and work out how things work. Regards the NBP things seem pretty quiet at the moment although the election fliers all make mention of sorting out congestion concerns but in no great detail, Labour keep on about a ‘relief road’,as we said before whatever that means. Nice to see Watchfull is…[Read more]

    • Labour wants a road to join the A14 to Henley Road (to bypass the need for Northern Fringe housing residents to go into NW Ipswich).

      All politics. The actual road isn’t on the agenda. They would need to be a majority party at SCC to get the ball rolling.

      Seems more of a distraction tactic for NW Ipswich voters in neighbouring constituency!

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    Joined after being emailed by @Watchfull. Like what I see after a few minutes. I look forward to joining the debates especially NBP.

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