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    • Profile photo of Watchfull (Streetlife) Northern Bypass for Ipswich by Watchfull (Streetlife). 1 2 3 27 28 29

      It has be suggested that we bring this subject up again–can we have your views on this and the reason why–if the Orwell bridge shut down the Valley road gets grid locked–if the big expansion comes about North of Westerfield–it will get worst–I can enlarge upon this but will wait to see what reaction there is forthcoming to this post. [ This in an archive of the original post by Watchfull on Streetlife. ]

      Latest: I to went to the Headlam group consultation and I agree 100% with what Mass R have said– I was lucky enough to have a chat with the gentleman who will be managing this ...
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      by: Watchfull (Streetlife)
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    • Profile photo of Ipswich Ltd Northern Bypass NBP Part 4! by Ipswich Ltd. 1 2 3 9 10 11

      I have been asked by watchfull to start off the Northern Bypass Part 4 topic! As streetlife is closing down and many peoples concerns with Next Door, the conversation will continue on IPSWI. The original topic will be imported to IPSWI so you can refer back to posts. Please bear with the site which can be a little troublesome, these problems will be ironed out over the next week or two. The first three topics on the Northern Bypass had over 1200…

      Latest: I agree. There will be mentions of the Northern Route and Northern Bypass this month I am sure but nothing with substance. The elections effect. There is a new topic ...
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Ben Gummer by Ipswi. 1 2 3

      Benedict Michael Gummer (Ben Gummer) has been our MP for coming up to 7 years now after defeating Chris Mole at the 2010 General Election. This topic will serve for all discussions directly relating to Ben Gummer. Ben Gummer Contract Ben’s Contract with Ipswich Voters. Many people have lost their faith in politicians. Voters are fed up with the lies and the failure to deliver real change. I want to be different. That is why I have drawn up…

      Latest: Is Ben Gummer’s censorship still a problem?
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Ipswich Ltd Ipswich Northern Bypass NBP Part 5 by Ipswich Ltd. 1 2

      Ipswich Northern Bypass NBP Part 5: So it is May 2017, a day away from the local elections (Suffolk County Council) and around a month away from the snap General Election. Northern Bypass Part 4 has exceeded 200 replies, into page 10… time for a new topic… Ipswich Northern Bypass NBP Part 5! IPSWI will keep running a discussion on the Northern Bypass until it gets built (and no guarantees that we won’t continue it on talking a…

      Latest: A few things shout out at me…Avoiding “Northern Bypass” term. Northern Route, Northern Relief Road. “In just two years”… (i.e. the ...
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Cornhill Redevelopment Planning Application Comments by Ipswi. 1 2

      Various comments are now appearing since it was changed to FPI3. … I have been invited to comment on the above location by the Ipswich Society. My objection is very straightforward. Can IBC show who owns the actual Cornhill routes and places? As they know who block paved the area (IBC or SCC) with public funds it is obviously a public right of way. It has probably been a right of way for hundreds of years as it has been used by the public…

      Latest: Ipswich Society meeting report… (they are compiling their official response) Ipswich Society Members Special Meeting 10th May 2017 Over 90 members attended this ...
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      by: Ipswi
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    • Profile photo of Mart Parking in Arras Square, St Stephens Lane by Mart. 1 2

      Still a big problem with no sign of any action from either SCC of IBC. So far as we understand their is a Traffic Order preventing parking but as there are no signs up it can’t be enforced. IBC would be responsible for the enforcement but they have advised us that they are waiting for SCC to sort out the signs. SCC also advise that there are potential land ownership issues that may be complicating the issue. Bottom line is we can’t g…

      Latest: I think they are doing whatever they can to create traffic chaos. They just want to disrupt our lives. I really wish they would invest in Arras Square to entice an tenant ...
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi The Upper Orwell Crossings a bridge too far? by Ipswi. 1 2

      From Ipswich Society newsletter Ipswich Society April 2017 (issue 207):- Clever politicians throw their weight behind projects that are likely to succeed and avoid those that will be a long time coming. Thus we can guess that the proposals to build additional bridges over the Orwell and the New Cut are likely to happen sooner rather than later. However the rationale for the biggest of these bridges is debatable and the methodology used to establ…

      Latest: Ben Gummer is talking about a “cycle superhighway“. The BS he is talking about on facebook… Ipswich has never had the infrastructure for cyclists that it ...
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of News Robot Ipswich Residents surprised by a complete new Cornhill design by News Robot. 1 2

      New vision for Ipswich Cornhill brings sculpture and water feature to site This is the bold new look that is set to be created at Ipswich Cornhill next year after the views of the public – and expert bodies – were taken into account. A new modern sculpture is to be installed along with a water feature in front of the former Grimwade’s store – but proposals to level the major part of the Cornhill have been dropped. The new plans were draw…

      Latest: Watchfull, Ben on the radio yesterday confessed that Ipswich needs a Northern Bypass! Follow the link there is a sound clip in there somewhere. It was interesting that you ...
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Storm Doris and Ranelagh Road closure: ultimate chaos? by Ipswi.

      With winds between 60-70mph forecast, can the Ipswich road network cope with a key road closure both in town and the TEN-T A14 Orwell Bridge being closed due to high winds from Storm Doris?#A14 J56-J57 nr #Ipswich. Peak winds are expected 10am-6pm due to #StormDoris. #Orwellbridge highly likely to be closed in that period. — Highways England (@HighwaysEAST) February 23, 2017

      Latest: I am getting mixed feedback this morning – some people very angry about yesterday and others who have said the diversion route was well planned and kept traffic moving ...
    • Last reply: 3 months ago
      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of News Robot Ben Gummer shocked by Westminster terrorist attack by News Robot.

      Ben Gummer shocked by terror in Westminster as East Anglian MPs praise police Ipswich MP and Cabinet Office minister Ben Gummer was left shocked after seeing the aftermath of the attack. He said: “I cannot say much about this – but I saw more than I wanted to and it really brought home the dangers faced by those who are there to protect us. It was a horrible, horrible moment and I feel very sorry for the police officer, his family and collea…

      Latest: Ben Gummer was out recently with political party rival David Ellesmere to open luxury apartments; you know the real issues facing Ipswich! You will notice in the media they ...
    • Last reply: 1 month, 2 weeks ago
      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of News Robot Public sector £20 million boost to Wine Rack stalled Ipswich Waterfront project by News Robot.

      Millions to be spent on the Winerack The building on the Ipswich Waterfront, known locally as the Winerack, is set to be finally completed.It will include 149 apartments and an area of commercial space, thanks to an investment of millions of pounds of public money. The Homes and Communities Agency is set to invest £15m, with a further £5m from the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership. The building is owned by John Howard, who said: “W…

      Latest: You have three years to start a project once you get planning but so long as you make a material start the consent is implemented and the timescale no longer applies. So for ...
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      by: Mart
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    • Profile photo of Mart Traffic Counters Everywhere! by Mart.

      The street of Ipswich have sprouted many traffic counters across carriageways over the last few days, personally seen and driven over several in Wherstead Road, all the way out ot the A14, Dogs Head St and little old Turret Lane in the town centre, also reported in Norwich Road area as well.Who’s doing what and for whom? very angry now, don't like inappropriate censorship,

      Latest: Ben Gummer had to go ask central government for funding, so everything including figures were fabricated to support the case (or a “business case”). I am ...
    • Last reply: 1 week, 5 days ago
      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Northern Bypass Ltd Ben Gummer: We need a Northern Bypass! by Northern Bypass Ltd.

      The cat is out of the bag. Ben Gummer disappoints his dad by letting slip on BBC Radio Suffolk yesterday morning… We need a Northern Bypass What he meant to say, was a “Northern Route”. Ben Gummer interviewed around 8am on Mark Murphy, about new Cornhill plans.  

      Latest: Not even the local elections are going to make an impact as arguably it isn’t the county’s problem but the borough. So a slim but unrealistic chance for some ...
    • Last reply: 2 months, 1 week ago
      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of News Robot Willis Building architects chosen for Upper Orwell Crossing by News Robot.

      Foster wins race to build new bridges over River Orwell at Ipswich port One of the world’s best-known architect practices has won the race to design three new bridges over the docks in Ipswich. Foster + Partners, the group that designed the world-famous Willis building in the heart of the town, will design the bridges that form the Upper Orwell Crossing. They will link the east and west banks of the River Orwell, providing a new route for cros…

      Latest: He really has done it hasn’t he? He leaked too much information… “for a cold November judging session in Endeavour House”. So the Vision knew the ...
    • Last reply: 2 months, 1 week ago
      by: Ipswi
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Ben Gummer & Conservative Manifesto by Ipswi.

      Former Conservative Ipswich MP and current Tory candidate for Ipswich, Ben Gummer, Cabinet Minister, was tasked with writing the Conservative Party Manifesto. As you would expect for a 2-times MP and prospective candidate for a third term, Ben is an advocate for Ipswich (in particular for the Ipswich Waterfront). The manifesto didn’t include anything to benefit Ipswich or the Suffolk economy specifically… and the same applies with Ea…

      Latest: As other post the offending thread and photo have been removed from his Facebook page now. I would like to think that the person who was in charge of it yesterday has perhaps ...
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      by: Mart
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