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    • Profile photo of Ipswi The Upper Orwell Crossings a bridge too far? by Ipswi. 1 2

      From Ipswich Society newsletter Ipswich Society April 2017 (issue 207):- Clever politicians throw their weight behind projects that are likely to succeed and avoid those that will be a long time coming. Thus we can guess that the proposals to build additional bridges over the Orwell and the New Cut are likely to happen sooner rather than later. However the rationale for the biggest of these bridges is debatable and the methodology used to establ…

      Latest: Ben Gummer is talking about a “cycle superhighway“. The BS he is talking about on facebook… Ipswich has never had the infrastructure for cyclists that it ...
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Ipswich Ltd Ipswich Northern Bypass NBP Part 5 by Ipswich Ltd. 1 2

      Ipswich Northern Bypass NBP Part 5: So it is May 2017, a day away from the local elections (Suffolk County Council) and around a month away from the snap General Election. Northern Bypass Part 4 has exceeded 200 replies, into page 10… time for a new topic… Ipswich Northern Bypass NBP Part 5! IPSWI will keep running a discussion on the Northern Bypass until it gets built (and no guarantees that we won’t continue it on talking a…

      Latest: A few things shout out at me…Avoiding “Northern Bypass” term. Northern Route, Northern Relief Road. “In just two years”… (i.e. the ...
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Cornhill Redevelopment Planning Application Comments by Ipswi. 1 2

      Various comments are now appearing since it was changed to FPI3. … I have been invited to comment on the above location by the Ipswich Society. My objection is very straightforward. Can IBC show who owns the actual Cornhill routes and places? As they know who block paved the area (IBC or SCC) with public funds it is obviously a public right of way. It has probably been a right of way for hundreds of years as it has been used by the public…

      Latest: Ipswich Society meeting report… (they are compiling their official response) Ipswich Society Members Special Meeting 10th May 2017 Over 90 members attended this ...
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      by: Ipswi
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    • Profile photo of Dan Sandy Martin by Dan.

      This will be the Sandy Martin discussion topic. Sandy Martin is the Labour Candidate for Ipswich, General Election 2017. It appears he doesn’t currently have a website, a bit worrying a month away from a General Election although I am sure it will all soon be revealed when he launches his General Election campaign.

      Latest: We don’t know what his idea for a Northern Bypass involves but it is a victory to avoid the Ben Bridge (Upper Orwell Crossings) getting built.
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Ipswich Rail Station forecourt completed by Ipswi.

      Suffolk County Council is pretty much reporting the works are complete…  Works Completed We have already completed: new forecourt layout with improved bus stops and taxi drop off points new pedestrian access, removing the need for pedestrians to cross the bus and taxi lanes on the station forecourt new cycle access new paving relocation of the 20 minute drop…

      Latest: A taxi driver has clarified on BBC Radio Suffolk (Mark Murphy at Breakfast) that they were unhappy with the taxi rank at Ipswich Station. They were initially consulted over ...
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of News Robot Paul West puppet for Ben Gummer as Ipswich cabinet member SCC by News Robot.

      Paul West gives Ipswich a new voice at cabinet of Suffolk County Council Bixley councillor Paul West is to take over as cabinet member for Ipswich later this month after the Conservative victory in the county council elections. He is one of two new members on the cabinet which is largely unchanged after the Tories strengthened their position at Endeavour House. The other newcomer is Newmarket councillor Robin Millar who takes on a new role as ca…

      Latest: From the article, it is clear he is all about the Ipswich Waterfront. A small area of the town! I have always been under the impression from what I have heard from people ...
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Dan Rail Station bus shelters delayed due to installation problems by Dan.

      Already many months overdue, another hurdle has been hit. The bus shelters due to be installed at the brand new renovated Ipswich Rail Station forecourt will not be installed until after the General Election! Perhaps, not until the Summer months. Street lighting, fencing and bus shelters are all pending projects, as the station forecourt remains incomplete and unfinished. Ben Gummer was able to influence additional trees to be installed along th…

      Latest: I just noticed your second comment after I posted… interesting how we both used the same word to describe it… shambles. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ...
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Suffolk County Council Local Elections 2017 Results by Ipswi.

      Suffolk County Council Local Elections 2017 Results The Suffolk local county elections results are as follows:- Voting StatsParty No of Seats No of votes Percentage of votesConservative 50 98,919 (79,074) 40% (36%)Labour 9 52,543 (48,441) 21.3% (22%)Liberal Democrat 5 32,237 (22,176) 13% (10.1%)Green 3 19,510 (17,549) 7.9% (8%)Independent 3 10,977 (5,792) 4.4% (2.6%)Labour and Co-operative 2 3,594 (5,620) 1.5% (2.6%) …

      Latest: How the Suffolk County Council Local Elections 2017 Results look like on a map.
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Dan Complete shambles as Suffolk County Council fails to relay election result by Dan.

      Suffolk County Council has had to resort to relaying results on twitter as their crap web infrastructure failed to work. The Ireland based Microsoft Azure hosted platform incorrectly configured and using Microsoft-IIS/8.0 couldn’t handle the hits. It gave my computer 6 cookies… but the results are to be the same for everyone! WTF? The fundamental purpose why Cloud hosting is so favoured is the ability to upscale in short periods of t…

      Latest: Suffolk County Council even tweeting ahead of time….RESULTS UPDATE: As at 14:15 after 62 seats declared. 43 Con, 8 Lab, 4 LD, 3 Grn, 4 Ind. #LE2017 #Suffolk — ...
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of News Robot Sandy Martin selected for Ipswich by News Robot.

      Election 2017: Labour’s Sandy Martin celebrates birthday with general election battle For many people their 60th birthday is time to look forward to new challenges – but for Sandy Martin the challenge is more daunting than most. Because on the day he celebrated his landmark birthday he was formally chosen as his party’s candidate in the marginal Ipswich seat at the 2017 General Election. He will be trying to overturn Conservative Ben Gumme…

      Latest: Sandy Martin has been re-elected to St Johns with a 622 majority.
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of News Robot Ipswich residents disapprove of waste of money Ipswich Train Station forecourt by News Robot.

      Ipswich station forecourt work is almost complete after £1m reconstruction The long-awaited reconstruction work at Ipswich railway station forecourt is now almost complete with just bus shelters, street lights, and low-level fencing to be installed. The last road works were completed on the bus and taxi waiting area over the weekend and that is now fully opened. The lights, fencing and bus shelters are due to be installed by the middle of May. …

      Latest: Some Ipswich Star comments… Am I the only person to wonder why the outstanding work wasn’t completed with the rest of the reconstruction work? I’ve never ...
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Dan Ipswich 2020 Enterprise Island by Dan.

      This is a propaganda video unleashed on the Ipswich public shortly before the 2015 General Election which saw Ben Gummer re-elected. can’t be loaded: IPSWICH2020 FINAL ( As you can tell, the actual proposed Upper Orwell Crossing design is nothing like the designs revealed to public in the past – not limited to just this video. Another case o…

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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Freedom of Information Robot Welcome to Ipswich Road Signs by Freedom of Information Robot.

      WhatDoTheyKnow FOI request by Ipswich Ltd Welcome to Ipswich Dear Suffolk County Council, On 28 November 2013, Ipswich Star reported ( ) Oldest English Town sign design application from Ipswich Borough Council to Suffolk County Council for permission with the signs anticipated to be installed mid-way through 2014. On 18 January 2016, Ips…

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    • Profile photo of News Robot First Group prepares to take over Ipswich Park & Ride by News Robot.

      First Group takes over Ipswich park and ride in July with fewer buses First Eastern Counties is to take over Ipswich’s park and ride service on July 3 – running a service with a smaller subsidy but fewer buses than at present. Ipswich Buses have run the service since 2013, but it came under threat last year as the county council tried to cut its £700,000 a year subsidy. After negotiations with both Ipswich Buses and First Group, it was anno…

      Latest: BBC Radio Suffolk: Park-and-ride: What does the future hold? Posted at 10:53 28 Apr Ipswich used to have three park-and-ride schemes, and now has two, after the decision was ...
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Dan Sandy Martin favourite for Ipswich Labour candidate seat by Dan.

      Sandy Martin (SCC Labour leader) appears to now be the favourite for Ipswich Labour parliamentary candidate seat.Leader of Labour @suffolkcc @sandyofipswich favourite to fight for @IpswichLabour in #GE2017 — Ipswich Star (@ipswichstar24) April 30, 2017

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      by: Dan
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