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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Ipswich: shabby and rundown cesspit hell hole by Ipswi.

      Just over 5 years ago Ipswich callers phoned up a BBC Radio Suffolk breakfast show presented by current Ipswich Central chairman Terry Baxter to give their views on the town. Ben Gummer MP was shocked and angered over people commented on how “shabby and rundown” the town is with others going to extremes calling it a “cesspit” and “hell hole”. Naturally the politicians didn’t listen to the concerns and di…

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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Ipswich Waterfront Town dream has died by Ipswi.

      It is of great sadness to reveal the Ipswich Waterfront Town dream has died after 15 years in the making. The visionaries (Ipswich Vision Group) have deviated from the original planning intention and are desperately trying to do something within their powers to stay in power. These public-funded clowns won’t be giving up however; perseverance is a good quality but so is knowing when it is time to give up! Being stubborn to collect miniatur…

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      by: Ipswi
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Stunning entrance gateway to Ipswich Waterfront by Ipswi.

      Almost 3 years ago Ipswich Borough Council held an design competition to create a “stunning entrance” to the Ipswich Waterfront from Stoke Bridge end. At the time, Ipswich residents weren’t convinced and ever since New Year 2015 it appears this has all disappeared to be forgotten about. Ipswich Borough Council Press releases/news article 2014:- Plan for waterfront gateway Ipswich Borough Council is set to step in to kick-start …

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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of News Robot Public sector £20 million boost to Wine Rack stalled Ipswich Waterfront project by News Robot.

      Millions to be spent on the Winerack The building on the Ipswich Waterfront, known locally as the Winerack, is set to be finally completed.It will include 149 apartments and an area of commercial space, thanks to an investment of millions of pounds of public money. The Homes and Communities Agency is set to invest £15m, with a further £5m from the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership. The building is owned by John Howard, who said: “W…

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      by: Mart
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    • Profile photo of Dan Wet Dock Crossing 2015 comments by Dan.

      More historical comments on the Upper Orwell Crossing (then Wet Dock Crossing). Ipswich Star has deliberately used the Wet Dock Crossing term early on (even with the switch of terms) to hide criticism… too bad on IPSWI we are displaying them all in one place for you to easily read. Government pledges £2 million for Ipswich wet dock link Peter, thanks for that background info. I am glad to see it’s only statue law and not natural law…

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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Dan Wet Dock Crossing 2016 Comments by Dan.

      Taking a look back to the year 2016 discussion on the Wet Dock Crossing to see what people thought of the project then. A new £100m Wet Dock crossing would give Ipswich town centre a boost worth many times that sum according to an official feasibility report published today. 56 comments Actually Ipswich bristol I might believe you are not from Ipswich.. Woodbridge was very heavily considered as the new Ipswich airport..it only lost out due to G…

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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Ben Gummers Wine Rack U-turn by Ipswi.

      So Ipswich MP Ben Gummer was instrumental into securing the £20m investment to complete Regatta Quay “Wine Rack” but he didn’t always see it as important. We have uncovered newspaper articles where Ben Gummer MP demanded the Wine Rack to be demolished (even at a cost of £1 million). Why the change of heart?EMPTY BUILDING MAY NEVER BE COMPLETED 23RD JULY 2011 | EAST ANGLIAN DAILY TIMES The empty skeleton of a huge developme…

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      by: Ipswi
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Ipswich Waterfront by Ipswi.

      Ipswich Waterfront: Time to pull the plug? For many the Ipswich Waterfront is a 21st century project but digging into the history a little, the project is over 30 years old with early steps in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and despite being the sole tourism focus for Ipswich town we have very little to show for it. Ever since the Star Lane gyratory was built, alternative uses for the Wet Dock were sought. This included early developments of re…

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      by: Ipswi
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    • Profile photo of Dan Cornhill Redevelopment – Planning Application Photos by Dan.

      Ipswich Borough Council has submitted its planning application (17/00235/FUL) for the awful Cornhill Redevelopment. Shortly after the announcement people got angry at the cost of destroying the town. The smug undeserved sense of accomplishment by the parts of Ipswich Vision resulted in us writing to the leader of the council. If YOU do NOT want it, speak up! Send in a representation against the development proposal… They have denied you a…

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      by: Ipswi
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    • Profile photo of News Robot Ipswich Residents surprised by a complete new Cornhill design by News Robot. 1 2

      New vision for Ipswich Cornhill brings sculpture and water feature to site This is the bold new look that is set to be created at Ipswich Cornhill next year after the views of the public – and expert bodies – were taken into account. A new modern sculpture is to be installed along with a water feature in front of the former Grimwade’s store – but proposals to level the major part of the Cornhill have been dropped. The new plans were draw…

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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Ipswich Cornhill Redevelopment by Ipswi.

      What are your thoughts on the Ipswich Cornhill Redevelopment Project plans? Does the Cornhill need a major project like this? Are the steps a problem? Value for money? Will it help bring new shops to Ipswich? Here are two videos from Ipswich Borough Council’s YouTube:- Ipswich Cornhill Proposal Flythrough Published on 13 Jul 2016 The project by the Ipswich Vision Group aims to inject new life and business into the heart of the town and exp…

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      by: Ipswi
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi A True Vision for Ipswich – Partners Hail New Cornhill Design by Ipswi.

      A True Vision for Ipswich – Partners Hail New Cornhill Design Exciting new plans for the redevelopment of Ipswich’s Cornhill were unveiled today. The project is led by the Borough Council with its partners from the Ipswich Vision Group, and the message is clear: “We have listened to the public and our designs reflect what we’ve been told.” The new plans were drawn up after a widespread consultation last year showed that a majority …

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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Letter to David Ellesmere: Cornhill Redevelopment Ipswich Vision by Ipswi.

      News of Ipswich Vision approval for Cornhill Redevelopment has prompted me to write to project lead member – Ipswich Borough Council. As Council Leader, I wrote to David Ellesmere. I assume he is too busy with the election upcoming and am not expecting a reply. The public has seen a completely new Cornhill design which they cannot reject. RE: Cornhill Redevelopment – Undemocratic Processes I am disappointed to hear the Ipswich Vision…

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      by: Ipswi
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    • Profile photo of Dan Have Ipswich Vision delivered? by Dan.

      A couple of years ago when Ipswich Vision released their Turning Our Town Around document they agreed on “21 points”. These were:-To undertake work to scope and test demand for new retail development 2015 To develop a funding package to support the delivery of this Vision / Plan 2015 Start construction of a new Crown Street Car Park 2016 To agree a residential development plan creating a minimum of 2,000 new homes (prioritising tow…

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      by: Dan
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