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    • Profile photo of News Robot Paul West puppet for Ben Gummer as Ipswich cabinet member SCC by News Robot.

      Paul West gives Ipswich a new voice at cabinet of Suffolk County Council Bixley councillor Paul West is to take over as cabinet member for Ipswich later this month after the Conservative victory in the county council elections. He is one of two new members on the cabinet which is largely unchanged after the Tories strengthened their position at Endeavour House. The other newcomer is Newmarket councillor Robin Millar who takes on a new role as ca…

      Latest: From the article, it is clear he is all about the Ipswich Waterfront. A small area of the town! I have always been under the impression from what I have heard from people ...
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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Ipswich Free Shuttle Axed Bus 38 by Ipswi.

      Ipswich Buses have cancelled bus service 38 (better known as the free shuttle). The last day is expected to be Wednesday 28 July 2017. PF0000147/44 IPSWICH BUSES LTD, 7 CONSTANTINE ROAD, IPSWICH, IP1 2DL Operating between IPSWICH, ENDEAVOUR HOUSE, RUSSELL ROAD and IPSWICH, ENDEAVOUR HOUSE, RUSSELL ROAD given service number 38 effective from 29 July 2017.  

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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Local Photos YouTube Videos Ipswich East Suffolk County Hall, Ipswich by Local Photos YouTube Videos Ipswich.

      Report – East Suffolk County Hall, Ipswich – April 2016 by WildBoyz from 28DL Urban Exploration. Source: https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/east-suffolk-county-hall-ipswich-april-2016.t103032Snippets:- East Suffolk County Hall, otherwise known as Ipswich County Hall, was constructed between 1836 and 1837 by William McIntosh Brooks. Built before the reign of Queen Victoria, the imposing design of the Grade II listed building is based …

      Latest: Ben Gummer on County Hall:- County Hall […] What has not gone well is the life of this building ever since. More important for what has happened there than how it ...
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      by: Ipswi
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    • Profile photo of Freedom of Information Robot Northern Bypass/Northern Route/Northern Relief Road/Road North of Ipswich by Freedom of Information Robot.

      WhatDoTheyKnow FOI request by Northern Bypass Ltd Northern Bypass/Northern Route/Northern Relief Road/Road North of Ipswich Dear Suffolk County Council, Please provide all documents and correspondence since 2010 regarding the idea(1) of a road(2) north(3) of Ipswich(4) which may or may not be related to the scrapped plan of the 1990s. 1:- This may be a concept, suggestion, plan, proposal, or recommendation by either a government official, member…

      Latest: Request was refused. Internal Review upheld initial response. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/northern_bypassnorthern_routenor#incoming-943548 Dear Northern Bypass ...
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      by: Freedom of Information Robot
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Ipswich Village: Did council relocation kill the town centre? by Ipswi.

      Serious question, did the “Ipswich Village” project where both councils relocated to Russell Road destroy the town centre? Suffolk County Council (this is the short version) decided County Hall wasn’t any longer adequate and managed to acquire the England headquarter/corporate office building built for TXU Corporation which cost £28 million and the council managed to buy it for £16.75 million after TXU Corporation went into a…

    • Last reply: 3 months ago
      by: Ipswi
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