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      Benedict Michael Gummer (Ben Gummer) has been our MP for coming up to 7 years now after defeating Chris Mole at the 2010 General Election. This topic will serve for all discussions directly relating to Ben Gummer. Ben Gummer Contract Ben’s Contract with Ipswich Voters. Many people have lost their faith in politicians. Voters are fed up with the lies and the failure to deliver real change. I want to be different. That is why I have drawn up…

      Latest: Unfortunately the Northern Bypass is used at Ipswich elections – I am not surprised he has temporarily changed his stance especially that his competitor is calling for ...
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    • Profile photo of Dan Ben Gummer minister responsible for cyber security failings at NHS by Dan.

      Little known to many, Ben Gummer Minister for the Cabinet Office includes responsibilities of public sector efficiency and reform (making cuts), the resilience of the UK’s infrastructure, digital transformation of government, cyber security and UK statistics. Ben knows how to spin figures… he recently lowered unemployed Claimant Count figures in Ipswich by only including the older Jobseekers Allowance rather than the recent Universal Cre…

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    • Profile photo of Dan Ipswich Campaigning Ltd by Dan.

      The Conservative Party have had a lot of bad press in recent years for alleged election fraud to which they had recently been fined £70,000 for. Of some surprise is searching Benedict Gummer and discovering that on 27 November 2012 he formed a company called Ipswich Campaigning Ltd. Not a non-profit, a private company where he owned the sole £1 share. Nothing wrong with that. More interesting is he specifically extended the accounting period…

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    • Profile photo of Dan Ben Gummer takes a dump on WASPI women by Dan.

      In a very shocking letter posted on twitter, former Ipswich MP and now Conservative candidate for Ipswich Ben Gummer has alienated what appears to be a large number of pensioners and women in Ipswich. The letter clearly shows an MP (at the time of writing) under-pressure over being unable to move away from toeing the party line. After all, Ben Gummer promised in 2010 to put Ipswich first and not himself or his party – and he has done the c…

      Latest: Quite a betrayal looking back at 2010… WASPI and the Ben Gummer ContractThe letter clearly shows he is putting both his party and himself first (1), he isn’t ...
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    • Profile photo of Dan Ben Gummer: EU & Brexit by Dan.

      Ben Gummer has recently swallowed his pride away from his Vote Remain stance of just last year, backing PM Theresa May (another pro-EU vote remain supporter) for a snap General Election with emphasis on strong leadership and best negotiation out of the EU. Ben remains upset about his constituency majority vote – despite the former PM David Cameron ordering the EU Referendum after failing to negotiate any terms. Ben Gummer has resulted to t…

      Latest: This is what Brexit means for Ipswich All that talk about recession – it all sounds far too theoretical doesn’t it? Just a load of economists trying to predict the ...
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    • Profile photo of Dan Ben Gummer Bens Bulletin Spring 2017 by Dan.

      Most residents in Ipswich would have received Ben’s Bulletin Spring 2017. From Ben Gummer – Delivering for Ipswich. Well, he didn’t deliver his Spring 2017 bulletin to me… that is for sure!What is more interesting than the poor quality of the above images, is the High Street Update photo isn’t of the High Street and the specific part has had no new shops moving in… and we are presented with the photo of …

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