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    Election 2017: Labour’s Sandy Martin celebrates birthday with general election battle

    For many people their 60th birthday is time to look forward to new challenges – but for Sandy Martin the challenge is more daunting than most.

    Because on the day he celebrated his landmark birthday he was formally chosen as his party’s candidate in the marginal Ipswich seat at the 2017 General Election.

    He will be trying to overturn Conservative Ben Gummer’s 3,733 majority from 2015.

    Mr Martin is leader of the Labour group on Suffolk County Council – and was also celebrating 20 years as a member of that authority on the same day. May 2 is clearly a significant date for him!

    He has lived in Suffolk most of his life and moved to Ipswich from Halesworth in 1993 – and said he felt it was important that someone who really knew the town could represent it in Westminster.

    He said: “Ipswich people want to be represented by someone who lives in Ipswich and is able to give all their attention to the issues that affect Ipswich. Partly because of my age I would not go to parliament with an ambition for ministerial office.”

    Mr Martin is a regular campaigner with his Labour Party colleagues – and is seen as coming from the party’s mainstream tradition.

    From his discussions on the doorsteps he said people in the town were most concerned about the everyday issues that directly affected them – especially health, education and housing.

    He said: “The major concerns that people want to talk about have not changed much from last time.”

    Mr Martin said the role of an MP was not just to support their party in Westminster – it was also to act as an ambassador for their constituency.

    And he felt that Ipswich was in a very strong position: “When you look at the port and the Waterfront and the proximity of the town to London, we are in a very fortunate position.

    “And compared with many other places Ipswich is still relatively affordable. It is a great place to live but it needs to be even better.”

    He is unconvinced by the arguments for a new large bridge linking the east and west banks of the River Orwell – but backs proposals for new bridges to allow the development of the island site at the Waterfront.

    And he feels the best way of easing traffic in the town centre would be to build the long-awaited northern by-pass.

    Feel free to comment on IPSWI.

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    Sounds positive that the Labour candidate for Ipswich:-

    • Wants to focus on Ipswich, not other additional responsibilities
    • Not keen on Upper Orwell Crossings
    • Keen on a Northern Bypass

    (If he is a man of his word of course)

    I am not keen on career politicians – the law should ban any person holding public office for more than 10 years. Sandy Martin is clearly a career politician and I cannot really attribute any Ipswich wins to him… but on balance he is just one person amongst many, a chance of MP might allow this to progress. At least he is relatively local unlike the vast majority of candidates.

    I have to point out you cannot pick and choose… Upper Orwell Crossings or not. Any separate bridges will have to be tendered again, otherwise it could well be costly to achieve. There is nothing to say he will push for a Northern Bypass but sounds promising (more than Ben who dropped the “Northern Route”).

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    One confusion I have is, Sandy Martin is seeking election for the county elections? He cannot be both councillor and MP, and stepping down to force a by-election should he get the chance to become MP is just wasted money!

    Looks like he contributed slightly on Streetlife…

    Sandy Martin   Lives in California   address verified

    County Councillor for St Johns.  If you want to send me a message it’s best to use email rather than trying to do it via Streetlife!   I’ll try to get round to looking at this from time to time, but it won’t be every day.  Contact [email protected]

    One example: In regards to a conversation about Park & Ride…

    I agree with Mike S – the timetable is not helpful, and more important there are far too many empty buses – that’s why it currently needs such a big subsidy. But surely the answer is to look at possible improvements first – such as picking passengers up en route, getting shops and employers to advertise it, adjusting the timetable, having scheduled buses call at the P&R site etc – rather than threatening to close it and then pretending that you’re open to suggestions. We need to make sure Cllr Finch gets the message that we are NOT willing to see it close, but we are happy to cooperate with making it cost-effective – if we can make this work it doesn’t need to be another political bone of contention, it can be a success!

    This could be a problem for Labour… Sandy Martin surely needs to withdraw from the county election (he is Labour SCC leader) before Thursday, rather than hold on to such a seat (if he is elected) as a worst-case scenario if he cannot succeed beyond an parliamentary candidate. David Ellesmere stepped down before the election results to stand as a candidate. Can of worms?

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    Sandy Martin has been re-elected to St Johns with a 622 majority.

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