Ipswich residents disapprove of waste of money Ipswich Train Station forecourt

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    Ipswich station forecourt work is almost complete after £1m reconstruction

    The long-awaited reconstruction work at Ipswich railway station forecourt is now almost complete with just bus shelters, street lights, and low-level fencing to be installed.

    The last road works were completed on the bus and taxi waiting area over the weekend and that is now fully opened. The lights, fencing and bus shelters are due to be installed by the middle of May. The forecourt work has cost £1m and was funded and carried out by Suffolk County Council.

    It followed on from Greater Anglia’s £1m rebuilding work at the station building itself last year which saw the new ticket hall and waiting area created with new sales areas for Greggs, Starbucks and newsagent WH Smith.

    A full re-opening ceremony for the station is being planned for the early summer after the general election with local business and political leaders in a bid to boost the station’s profile and encourage more passengers.

    Feel free to comment on IPSWI.

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    As posted by Martin…

    I might go grab some photos later in the week…

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    I got the photo from the Star but I have been and had a look now as well. The road surface is actually yellow, of the same material I guess to what was used on the bus station refurbishments which I assume is pigmented so its not just a surface coating. But the yellow lines on yellow paving, hmm…  but without the shelters and other bits its nowhere near finished and all looks and feels very bleak at the moment. I will reserve judgement until its really finished.. It begs the question why are the shelters etc not being put up now? why the extra wait, some sort of cock up with the ordering perhaps?



    very angry now, don't like inappropriate censorship,

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    Yellow? It can only get dirty with pollution. (Good to see the lowercase y is now working okay, I don’t quite understand it but I have had similar problems too)

    I never understood the line colours… I thought there was a standard colour, the lines must always be? It was what I would call “yellow”… some times it gets a darker shade but I have seen so many light yellows about these days, as if its got more white paint mixed in it. In this case, it really doesn’t matter with the surface colour.

    Don’t forget they started work on the forecourt really late! Over 6 months I believe. They should have had the shelters on order and needed to store them. Instead they repaved it all without the shelters… and they are very much a last moment addition. I wonder if they are subcontracted so they have adverts on the side of them? Ashel?

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    Some Ipswich Star comments…

    Am I the only person to wonder why the outstanding work wasn’t completed with the rest of the reconstruction work? I’ve never known so little to be completed by so many and take so long. And at such expense to the public.

    Driven Roundabend

    I’m completely underwhelmed by the look of it from the photos. Where has the £1m been spent? And you forgot to credit Ben Gummer with adding in the trees to the scheme, he’s most please with those..

    M Prime

    Yellow markings on a beige surface? yep that works well… And it already looks filthy

    Boy Disappearing

    I don’t travel by train so I have not seen the new layout in the flesh…but I’d put money on the fact that there now NO spaces to pick up a passenger…?? and you now have to use a car park and pay…??? That would fit in with Ipswich as a general rule.


    At least the Conservatives haven’t painted it blue like those horrible cycle lanes in London! It looks … well this comment won’t be approved if I spoke my mind. One gary boy at night 0-40mph with the handbrake applied later, all you will see is streaks of rubber. This cannot be disability friendly and thus must be illegal. Are those drains or tarmac fixes? Awful!

    Ipswich Entrepreneur

    Trees are fine until they grow a bit and birds start using them. Thenn all that happens is the ground underneath them gers covered in bird muck, as seen under most of the trees in the town centre. Also the traffic light layout is ridiculous but that’s not a surprise.


    I usually moan about the moaners on this site, but… This does look a dog, who on earth chose the colours, it is going to age extremely quickly. Remind me, why was the change made?

    richie w

    ..and I “almost” won the national lottery but I forgot to put my numbers on! Utterly useful news piece


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