Cornhill Redevelopment Planning Application Comments

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    One added since Ipswich Society special meeting on Cornhill Designs.

    Dear Sirs

    I have just attended a meeting hosted by the Ipswich Society, which was arranged to seek and record
    the views of Ipswich people about the proposals for our Cornhill which have recently been published.
    Apart from our parks – of which Ipswich should be proud and make more use of – and setting aside the
    ‘bus station on the Tower Ramparts open space – the Cornhill is I believe the only other and largest
    available open space we have.

    In my opinion it should be left as an open space, such that it can be used for whatever legitimate and
    authorised event/function/purpose is needed or staged. It doesn’t take long to write a list of what these
    could be. Meetings, fairs, entertainments, markets, contests, peripatetic retail fairs, pavement cafés,
    flower or produce shows, small touring zoos or circuses – in fact any event, (even, I might say, a very
    occasional short-term temporary car park) which can be staged or held at any hour on any day – not
    forgetting the Bank or Public Holidays – which might attract people to the town and the town centre –
    and not just from 9 to 5 – whether they are Ipswich folk or visitors.

    I have recently returned from France where I visited, passed through or stayed in places like Cambrai,
    Ypres and Arras (our twin) which all have ‘squares’ – certainly the latter two each have several squares.
    They are all multi-purpose huge open spaces where scores of uses can take place often at the same time
    – such are their dimensions. Our Cornhill is minuscule by comparison.

    So my conclusion and plea is – spend (waste) no vast sums of valuable cash (how much – an eye
    watering £3m?) on the Ipswich Cornhill, pathetically trying to pretty-it-up, other than to replace the
    ailing surface and to police strenuously the re-instatement of that surface in the future after it has so
    often necessarily been dug up by various utilities and left like a battle ground.

    If, by squeezing a few hands and smiling sweetly at cash providers, that sort of sum can become
    available to spend on such a foolish venture, why not construct a list of schools, hospitals, medical
    treatment and care centres and other neglected areas of our town – and then offer each an equal cut of
    what is left over after the re-paving. That in my opinion would be sensible and vote-worthy.

    This note has been copied for information, to John Norman, chairman of the Ipswich Society,


    John Barbrook – Ipswich resident in excess of 80 years

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    We received the FOI request response and currently analysing the Cornhill Public Consultation results.

    It would be an direct attack on democracy in Ipswich if they pushed it through – will publish in details – but for now the vast majority seem “negative” (as Ben Gummer would call it) over the features to the original proposal. This isn’t a surprise but it is clear people were wanting what I have been droning on about for years now.

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