47th Ipswich to Felixstowe Vehicle Road Run 2017

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    More than 500 vehicles take part in 47th Ipswich to Felixstowe Vehicle Run

    More than 350 people went along to the 47th Ipswich to Felixstowe Vehicle Run today.

    Starting from Christchurch Park in the heart of Ipswich, more than 500 vehicles left for Felixstowe at around 11am where they were displayed along the promenade at noon.

    The vehicles, including cars, lorries, motorcycles, buses and military vehicles, completed the route from Valley Road, Colchester Road, Heath Road, Bixley Road, Felixstowe Road, on to the Old A45 at Levington, Morsden Hall Road and then through the Trimleys to Felixstowe Promenade.

    Supported by RTS services, it marks the 47th year of the event organised by The Ipswich Transport Museum when it first started back in 1970.

    Spectators, including Felixstowe residents and daytrippers, were able to take a step back through time as Morris Minors, classic VW Beetles, vintage Chevrolets and even a Rolls Royce graced the promenade.

    Feel free to comment on IPSWI.

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    add an extra 500 vehicles to the Valley Road/Colchester Road on a Sunday morning and you pretty much bring it to a complete standstill for a while foreshadowing what happens when the North Fringe is built and there is no alternative relief route to the North for the residents to use when heading to the retail parks to the East etc.

    love the Star ref to more than 350 people! It must attract considerably more than this at start finish and along the route. This has to be one of the biggest historic vehicle runs in the UK, it should be a major draw for both Ipswich and Felixstowe but this year it was only a chance remark by my better half who saw something vaguely related online that made me realise it was on. Not helped as its usually the may bank hol weekend but not this year. Apparently it always the first Sunday in May every year, this year of course 1 May was a Monday.

    It just surprising that so far as I am aware neither the Star, the Transport Museum nor any of the car Clubs involved gave this any advance publicity via Facebook or Twitter nor anything else I look at. Typical for Ipswich I guess. We should shout about it…!

    I love this event however, a highlight of the Ipswich year, but standing by the side of the road for the nearly two hours it takes all the vehicles to pass you appreciate how clean modern cars are as the fumes from the old vehicles clog up the air!



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    I have to say it is something that really irritates me. I went on to Ipswich Entertains website this morning but was down to “maintenance” – bloody wordpress site with a handful of events for goodness sake! Currently… Ipswich Star promotes weekend events on the Friday or Saturday morning… people need longer to plan ahead! It is rather sad the organisers didn’t care to publicise it…

    The Ipswich to Felixstowe Vehicle Road Run is quite special and like all our other gems should be promoted better on the Ipswich calendar. Shortly approaching 50th anniversary of the event, it is sadly not a priority as it doesn’t begin at the Ipswich Waterfront but at Christchurch Park. This would be even more special with an Orwell Unitary Authority.

    As you say, it does highlight the problems that will occur with the Northern Fringe… 500 vehicles give-or-take is a good quota to do a proper traffic modelling exercise for it; however, the advantage with this event is the traffic is all going to the same destination which eases the problem quite somewhat… and it is a Sunday and not rush hour during the working week.

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