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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Important: Readme (Civic & Community) by Ipswi.

      Welcome to the Civic & Community forum of ipswi is the Greater Ipswich alternative for Streetlife which will be no more. ipswi is run by local company Ipswich Ltd. ipswi is suitable for those living in Suffolk with a focus on Greater Ipswich (Ipswich, Stowmarket, Kesgrave, Martlesham, Felixstowe). The site allows general discussion on topics, more localised areas and showcase area where you can promote your talents. As a new site t…

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      by: Ipswi
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Ipswich Buses Woes: privatisation? by Ipswi.

      Is there an major problem with municipal bus company Ipswich Buses Ltd? We had written to David Ellesmere with our concerns months ago who had responded along-the-lines of “all is fine” without injecting much confidence in his response. Their Managing Director and Finance Director both went recently, a new MD hasn’t been found (Rob Bellamy from Peterborough remains interim Managing Director, previously Waste and Fleet Managemen…

    • Last reply: 3 days, 5 hours ago
      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Mart Sailmakers, by Mart.

      I walked through Sailmakers today, I’ll call it that, as clearly the rebrand was a big part of the recent changes.  I pushed my way through the queue of excited retailers all vying for space to open up their new shop (I may be exaggerating there) to discover that there must be upwards of half dozen empty units in there now. But we are not talking about brightly painted hoardings over shop fronts with news about the incoming tenants to tem…

    • Last reply: 1 week, 2 days ago
      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Mart Parking in Arras Square, St Stephens Lane by Mart.

      Still a big problem with no sign of any action from either SCC of IBC. So far as we understand their is a Traffic Order preventing parking but as there are no signs up it can’t be enforced. IBC would be responsible for the enforcement but they have advised us that they are waiting for SCC to sort out the signs. SCC also advise that there are potential land ownership issues that may be complicating the issue. Bottom line is we can’t g…

    • Last reply: 3 weeks, 1 day ago
      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Dan Ipswich Railway Station Forecourt by Dan.

      I went into the forecourt of Ipswich Rail Station this morning….Unless I am mistaken by perception, the current incomplete design looks nothing like it.Bus Stop area looks larger than the taxi rank area – when it should look rather equal – is there enough room for the bus shelters on pavement? The Improved Pedestrian Access area (public realm) doesn’t seem that large – by this design it takes up 45% of the great…

    • Last reply: 3 weeks, 2 days ago
      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Mart Ipswich Star commits treason? by Mart.

      I didn’t find anything particularly funny to be honest as I scrolled through the Ipswich Star’s contribution towards Red Nose day today. A comic twist on nostalgic pictures for Red Nose Day but I was a little surprised to see this photo…I’m no royalist but I did think it was perhaps a bit disrespectful, at best just unnecessary, plenty of other people they could send up. But I loved this in the comments, I hope it’…

    • Last reply: 1 month ago
      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Mart Oh Dear Travel Ipswich by Mart.

      Once upon a time there was a travelipswich website. It kept the residents of this town informed about the project, what was being done, and where their money was being spent etc. This website was at Some while ago the website disappeared, a shame really as people were still most interested in the project (they still are). So this evening when looking through my collection of “Ipswich” bookmarks I try t…

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      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Mart Princes Street works by Mart.

      Well i didn’t think it would take long. It looks like Anglian Water are the first to dig up part of the recently completed Princes Street paving works. They appear to have a hole in the footpath barriered off on the west side. Will be interesting to see if they reinstate it properly or if we end up with the very first tarmac scar.  Watch this space…   I'm really quite cross now, so watch out!

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      by: Ipswi
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    • Profile photo of Dan Abellio Greater Anglia makes me look forward to the congestion on the A12 by Dan.

      Abellio Greater Anglia has been shortlisted for Rail Operator of the Year award. Not an April Fools. John Jackson from Halesworth by email wrote in to BBC Suffolk when they asked for peoples opinion on Greater Anglia being nominated for the award (side note: couldn’t see anything mentioned on EADT/Ipswich Star about it) with the following “fairly unequivocal response”:- Is this a joke? While I would always, in theory, prefer …

    • Last reply: 2 months ago
      by: Dan
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    • Profile photo of Dan Travel Ipswich: Tower Ramparts Bus Station set to be remodelled by Dan.

      Not much more than 3 years after the remodelling of Tower Ramparts Bus Station as part of Suffolk County Council’s Travel Ipswich scheme, there are plans to remodel it to ease congestion of bus stops. Public transport (i.e. buses) are seen to be the way of easing road traffic congestion, despite them not being able to properly organise a bus station to prevent problems with congestion of buses obstructing the way for other buses and blocki…

    • Last reply: 2 months, 1 week ago
      by: Ipswi
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    • Profile photo of Ipswi Princes Street Ipswich Parking by Ipswi.

      Inspired by Martin C’s post about Arras Square illegal parking, I was intrigued to learn the other day about Ipswich Borough Council enforcing parking restrictions before the legislation came into place? Has the wide abuse of double-side parking on Princes Street stopped?

    • Last reply: 2 months, 1 week ago
      by: Ipswi
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