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  • Nope, there is an election coming up next month (county elections) and a General Election the following month. Gummer knows he has 10 weeks before anything could possibly get done in government (such as SCC Cabinet meetings are quarterly), plenty of time to get re-elected and keep the Tory majority at the county council.

    I urge anyone not to be…[Read more]

  • and three daYs ago BG put this on his Instagram account….

    nice photo of a dual carriage waY there, just what we want….

    so he is pushing the council for stage 2 then….


  • 2031 regional forecast of 254,130 cars… I say regional it includes just most of Suffolk.Northern Bypass Ipswich Resident Car Ownership Usage

    Looking at just the Ipswich borough just over 80,000 cars, so lets assume 60,000 cars use the Greater Ipswich road network in just one peak period per week…


  • The communication I have had with Cllr Finch is poor.

    We tried to get in on the Park & Ride discussion. He (and SCC) were far from helpful. Sent a letter and an email on two different matters. If I recall correctly, the letter was addressed to him and the email was to someone else that got forwarded on to him. One he refused to deal with and the…[Read more]

  • On exploring the information I came across the conclusion that the Northern Route and Northern Relief Road are Tory and Labour terms for the same. Both Ben Gummer and David Ellesmere have (but rarely) dropped the term “Northern Bypass” whilst typically using the other term primarily. Whoever wins control of Suffolk County Council, will race to…[Read more]

  • SCC is Tory-led and an county election coming up… you won’t receive anything until after the county elections… and would it be wrong to assume, a delay based upon the General Election also?

    This is down to you as an individual (but not personally you) not being important enough for the local authority (compared to someone like Ben Gummer who…[Read more]

  • You have ever right to assume that nothing is happening — the more that they can keep the likes of JOE public confused the better — I would not mind betting that our quest for a NBP will get pushed as far back as they possibly can — or we will end up with some kind of short Northern road/route in the hopes of keeping us happy they are all…[Read more]

  • I have correspondence from Mr G asking SCC on my behalf what’s happening with the stage 2 study, letter  to J Finch, dated 5 April 17. I have had no response so far from SCC nor any follow up from BG. So, no, he had no idea less than a month ago what was happening next. It seemed strange to me given that the NR is part of his previous election…[Read more]

  • Ben Gummer is referring to Stage 1 of the Northern Routes Study (there is no stage 2 as far as I am aware at this stage) which hasn’t designed anything, a child has drawn 3 rough lines on a map with a crayon! I found a piece on Conservative Suffolk… (yes it is all election based).

    Ipswich Conservatives are delighted with Conservative-run Suffolk…

    [Read more]

  • Ben Gummer is quite an disappointment of an MP.

    Next Door, just 13 people per section? Not looking too good but does give opportunities to other websites.

    Anyone for semantics?

    the new (1) northern route (2) across (3) the top (4) of the town (5) that I (6) have recently (7) secured (8) funding (9) to design (10)

    (1) Not the old Northern Bypass…[Read more]

  • What’s all this — another load of old Ben shit — I have said all along that he speaks with a forked tongue — all the more reason for us to keep pushing for a NBP and not a Northern route — have been on Nextdoor have mentioned our concerns and the need for a NBP received two hits within one hour in favour — will be mentioning our debate on…[Read more]

  • You can feel the upcoming General Election… not using the Northern Bypass terminology… it isn’t even news, we know about the initial report and the further in-depth in-the-pipelines one on the 3 identified crayon routes… neither will be a full length plan (“design”) of the specific route.

    Why does he keep plugging Wagamama? I went to the…[Read more]

  • in fact that not true at all is it? He didn’t personally secure the funding for that initial report did he, and whatever that report is its not a “design” for a Northern Route.. this is almost as bad as some of Trump’s lies….  is this the new politics now, you just say what you want and its then true because you said it whether it is or…[Read more]

  • Facebook, this afternoon…

    Ben Gummer
    3 mins ·
    A good breakfast with Suffolk Chamber of Commerce at Trinity Park. I outlined my vision for Ipswich – the new bridges we will be building to remove congestion from the town centre; the new northern route across the top of the town that I have recently secured funding to design; the improved…[Read more]


    Labour Today: Vote Labour. Gridlock Ipswich. It’s time to get our traffic moving again. Children health is threatened by the fumes (doesn’t apply to adults we are immune from air pollution). It puts people off using the buses. Businesses are held back. Ipswich residents are wasting their lives in traffic jams. Labour councillors are fighting…[Read more]

  • Yeah, I know what you mean. It has to be in his constituency, possibly Framlingham way (or just North of Ipswich).

    I don’t think we should worry, if we have to demolish a few Conservative voting villages in return for them sucking away the town’s economic potential, so be it! I dread to think what the traffic will be like when all these housing…[Read more]

  • I’ve walked the FYnn valleY a few times quite recentlY, and have been going to bits of it for decades,  not reallY got anY flat open bits like that which attract the number of people who are in the photo.  Nor areas that get left with long grass with a path cut through it. And I think in realitY an NBP route will have to be a bit further out t…[Read more]

  • I’ve walked the FYnn valleY, not reallY got anY flat open bits like that which attract the number of people who are in the photo.  Nor areas that get left with long grass with a path cut through it. And I think in realitY an NBP route will have to be a bit further out than the FYnn ValleY as per the line I looked, whilst You have open land and…[Read more]

  • Watchfull, I have just uploaded the comments section of several random articles from Ipswich Star in the years 2015 and 2016 regarding the WDC. Might be worth a look to see the strength of people demanding a Northern Bypass! (Not recommended for mobile browsers or tablets)

    Upper Orwell Crossing 2015 public comments
    Upper Orwell Crossing 2016[Read more]

  • The outline application has been submitted for the Adastral Park Housing Development at Martlesham.

    In the Ipswich borough this includes “road upgrades” (using the term lightly) to:-

    Woodbridge Road East roundabouts
    Foxhall Road roundabout
    Felixstowe Road/Bixley Road roundabout

    I am deeply concerned this will mean 18 months of…[Read more]

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