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Why Did Labour And Unison Wait Until After Two Elections To Save Free Shuttle?

Discussion in 'Civic & Community' started by dan5, Jul 21, 2017.

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  1. dan5

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    The question asked should be Why was the petition organised after the Suffolk county local election in May and the UK snap general election in June? We had known about the free shuttle being axed and had been very vocal about this on IPSWI and through social media.

    If we had known, at least one of the Labour councillors (at either council) must have known?

    Labour wasn't interested in picking up on this at the time - in fact they weren't really interested in transport... we also raised about Ipswich Buses being in trouble... they have since had just over a quarter of a million injection from the borough. This was kept quiet. With a Labour-controlled borough council, they knew if they made a fuss at the elections the Tory opposition would have dropped a bombshell about the cash injection of the municipal bus company. Still, today it isn't public knowledge.

    The free shuttle axe deal was a done job; simply absorbing the aspirations of those unhappy about the change of the current arrangement, the petition wasn't an serious attempt to changing anything. Unfortunately all local press were neither interested in these issues when they were raised or to this day.
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