Why are new businesses so unenthusiastic about Ipswich?

Discussion in 'Local Politics' started by dan5, Dec 16, 2017.

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  1. dan5

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    A serious question, and by no means intended to discourage brands and businesses wanting to choose Ipswich, however, a common trend is businesses appearing to run out of steam and enthusiasm about launching in Ipswich compared to elsewhere, and in some cases even scaling down or aborting their venture.

    Instantly, we will discard large projects such as those well documented by The Ipswich Proposal.

    We have Next who left the town centre but are apparently desperate to get back in but unable to find a suitable unit. With the former BHS unit becoming available in whole or part... this shows a lack of confidence. Next are a very strong and wealthy business so if they wanted it, they can get it.

    We have Spoons World Buffet which has been dragging on for over 18 months now. It will be over 2 years for this to open.

    We have easyHotel which was due to open Summer this year with a ground floor coffee shop, this has now been pushed back to at least end of 2018. Apart from initial work, this has yet to begin.

    We have Chopstix noodle bar, which looked visually complete 3 months ago in early September 2017 but has failed to open and capitalise on the festive trade. Some people have suggested this is due to lack of staff but appears unlikely.

    Nothing happens overnight and you also need planning, but some business appear to have no urgency to open.

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  3. martinc

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    still waiting for Adnams shop, they have claimed to be looking.

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