Wet Dock Crossing/upper Orwell Crossings Terminology

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    I have heard various phrases/terms coined for the main bridge across the River Orwell at the Ipswich Waterfront.

    This is as follows:-
    • Wet Dock Crossing / Wet Dock Crossings (plural) / WDC (Acronym)
    • Upper Orwell Crossing / Upper Orwell Crossings (plural) / UOC (Acronym)
    • Upper Orwell River Crossing / Upper Orwell River Crossings (plural) / UORC (Acronym)

      Less frequently used
      (only a few occurrences):-

    • New Orwell River Crossing / New Orwell River Crossings (plural) / NORC (Acronym)
    • Orwell River Crossing / Orwell River Crossings (plural) / ORC (Acronym)
    • Ipswich Waterfront Crossing / Ipswich Waterfront Crossings (plural) / IWC (Acronym)

      Associated terms:-

    • Bridge A / Option A / Route A

      Possible unofficial usage:-

    • Second Orwell Bridge
    • North Orwell Bridge
    • Ipswich South Bridge
    • Ipswich Cycle Superhighway (second deck element)
    • (Ipswich) Vanity Bridge
    • Enterprise Island Bridge
    • Ben Bridge
    • Gummer Bridge
    This might be helpful when searching for information on Google etc.

    If you know anymore, feel free to let us know below.
    Welcome to the new IPSWI beta!
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