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welcome back!

Discussion in 'Activities & Social' started by martinc, Jun 28, 2017.

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  1. martinc



    what would you like to see?

    can't reply to that topic though...
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      Welcome to the new IPSWI beta!
    • Ipswi


      It is frustrating and annoying, I hope you can reply to this one?! it is time to replace the platform for something better I think :)
    • watchfull


      Blinking heck Dan you had me worried thought we had lost you -- nice to see ipswi.com -- up and running again -- if you are going to freshen it up it would be nice for it to be something like streetlife -- abit more flow to it -- other than that its OK -- Oh would also like to see it gets more publicity -- more people must know about this site -- I have already been pushing it on Nextdoor
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      • Ipswi


        It has been a PITA the site going down so long but I spent the time wisely planning for the new improved version.

        This was only the alpha - or first release - so this is why I didn't publicise it. Martin is very patient in particular, others wouldn't be so.

        When we have something respectful looking to promote (I guess the current site isn't too bad) I can push it through all local events etc.
      • OP


        I'm know for my patience and unflappability.
      • dan5

        dan5ModeratorStaff Member

        On the other hand I am not NOT. Currently going through the process of Extended Validation so I can get a security certificate for IPSWI where the company name Ipswich Ltd will appear alongside. They have tougher processes than a bloody bank and HMRC combined! I am sure by the time it gets "awarded" I will have 3 months left before renewal!

        I don't expect them to be handed out like sweets but requesting a lawyer letter to confirm you are a proper business when Companies House is a government source widely open for anyone to view without registration... it is enough for Banks, and your telephone number on D&B when most businesses function without needing this. Absurd.  Once all that is done I need to trust my telephone works... I am sure self-employed persons with an online only presence suffers and won't be able to get this validation no matter how much they spend!


        EV Browsers from OT Alliance

        Image from Online Trust Alliance.
      • Ipswi


        Working on replacement platform. Current site will be kept in place as data is migrated across. IPSWI alpha is probably remaining read-only for a while once the new site takes over. I think I will miss the current design a bit (although it really is basically slightly better style modification to improve the very basic original theme) but not the bugs in it!

      IPSWI beta