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Discussion in 'Local Politics' started by dan5, Aug 5, 2017.

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    Oh dear, I picked up an Visit Colchester visitor guide 2017 from the Ipswich Tourist Information centre. It looks a really well done brochure. Compared to the dull grey sky and dark cover of the Ipswich counterpart, it has a nice bright blue sky, happy days!!!

    Colchester and Ipswich Museums Service (CIMS) is a joint venture between Colchester Borough Council and Ipswich Borough Council. A partnership between two regional heritage rivals. Working together is apparently designed to be able to get grant monies easier.

    On Page 2, the reverse of the front cover... it states it has been produced by Colchester Borough Council. On the reverse it has the Colchester Borough Council logo. (I have never got the workman logo, not sure what it is supposed to represent)


    Not here to promote a regional centre rival and capital of North Essex, Colchester... but I was amazed to see the following...

    Manningtree: Essex; Maldon: Essex; Lavenham: Suffolk; Long Melford: Suffolk; Cavendish: Suffolk; Clare: Suffolk; Bury St Edmunds: Suffolk; Suffolk coast: Suffolk;

    North Essex Colchester is promoting 6 Suffolk destinations, compared to just 2 Essex destinations. No Braintree? Clacton? Chelmsford?

    Thank you very much... hang on... no Ipswich? Just up the A12... and Bury St Edmunds?! Aldeburgh? Quite a distance, I understand those places close to the Essex border. The natural route to BSE or the Suffolk Coast is through Ipswich (via train, coach) or near Ipswich (A14,A12)... why not promote our museums as a drop off place?

    ( They were thinking of routes from their town centre... the A134 in particular which goes to Kings Lynn, shorter distance but the A14 will be a quicker route even if less scenic. Still need to go past Ipswich for the Suffolk Coast. )

    There are beautiful places all over East Anglia and beyond, and I don't believe in county snobbery... but optionally promoting Suffolk destinations which are quite far (suggesting Colchester as a base) while not promoting Ipswich despite the partnership as CIMS is downright shocking. I have spoken before how Colchester Borough Council which runs the joint museums service for Ipswich, has favoured its own attractions on their website... and how they forced the council's hand into not going with the Oldest English Town promotion to avoid confusion over their oldest recorded town nonsense....

    I repeat my previous words to the effect that Ipswich needs to break away from the toxic Colchester Borough Council museum partnership.

    On to the map...

    One thing I didn't like in this booklet was the map. If Red lines are the railway tracks, the orange colour with the red P&R circles surely means it is the bus route. Knowing the P&R is to the north of the town (the map does state this if you look up) my first impression was confusion... look at the key, it is a cycle network... I cannot help think they could have made this map much clearer. Perhaps an inset map of the town centre?#
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