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    Due to a Freedom of Information request, this is an ideal insight into how RIBA architecture competitions work.

    A curious understanding how these competitions are run and how a firm can go from shortlist to winner. The minimum specifications as per the tender have to be met to stand a chance - all shortlisted architecture firms are likely to have met this to get shortlisted.

    The decision is weighted over two methods:
    1. 40% is financial (commercial in confidence, only Suffolk County Council sees this), and
    2. 60% is 'quality' through a 'Tender Evaluation Scoresheet'
    The evaluation criteria is as follows:-

    2017-05-31 - 14848 - QB Reply Data (1)(5)-1.png

    The scoring system for the competition (quality) is as follows:-

    2017-05-31 - 14848 - QB Reply Data (1)(6)-1.png

    The Tender Evaluation Scoresheets for the shortlisted architecture firms are as follows:-
    1. Adamson Associates with William Matthews Associates and Ney & Partners
    2. Foster + Partners
    3. Knight Architects with MRG Studio
    4. Marc Mimram
    5. Wilkinson Eyre with FHECOR and EADON Consulting
    Kind of Suffolk County Council to share these. It is a shame they are not released as protocol for both transparency and educational reasons, so the public knows how the tender process works for large public projects. I have certainly learned a lot!
    Welcome to the new IPSWI beta!
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