Upper Orwell Crossings: More Important Than Copdock Interchange?

Discussion in 'Upper Orwell Crossings' started by dan5, Aug 10, 2017.

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    Look on Google Maps (with traffic layer) at pretty much anytime of the day, what do you notice? A mandatory red mark on the northbound A12 carriageway at Copdock Interchange. Most of the time, the westbound slip road off the A14 is no better either.
    Similar story on waze...
    Same on Traffic England website...
    Half 3... school holidays (no school run), not peak rush hour... traffic gets much worse than this.

    Is Copdock a priority?

    As he (Yes the ex-MP, Ben Gummer) announced road improvements from London (M25) to Colchester (and hailed it a success, as he wasn't actually doing any of the work... local MPs were), even Paul Geater asked the question what are "we doing about overcapacity copdock interchange?"

    Well... according to the above, nothing. Other priorities... that will be the Wet Dock Crossing... now known as Upper Orwell Crossings... are more important. Lets leave it up to the motorist to decide what is and should be a priority.
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