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Upper Orwell Crossings Model

Discussion in 'Tourism' started by dan5, Apr 13, 2017.

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    A student Jordan Wright posted on IPSWI a Sketchup Model of the Upper Orwell Crossings with all known information at this moment in time.

    A quick SketchUp model of the proposed Upper Orwell Crossing.
    *Note - all measurements are innacurate, all based on the first render images. http://www.fosterandpartners.com/news...

    Interesting that at the model looks higher than proposed images. No access for the majority of ships/boats that enter the marina of the bridge is not a movable bridge of sorts.

    Very good work which highlights the problems yachts and tall ships will face with the bridge design and configuration which has no function to open, swing, lift, move or rotate to allow sails, aerials and masts etc. to pass through. As the height estimate (air draft clearance) is approx 20 metres - this is half the air draft of the Orwell Bridge. Some struggle to get their sails through the Orwell Bridge without lowering them.
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