Upper Orwell Crossings: Is It About Social Class?

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    So why resurrect the Wet Dock Crossing plans and put this before plans of a Northern Bypass when all those who are strongly in favour of the Upper Orwell Crossings (including Colin Noble who has been forced to step in) have seemed content that we need both?

    Is there a valid purpose of improved infrastructure to the south of the town centre, with housing growth to the north (Northern Fringe) and north east (Adastral Park)? Not to mention limited north west developments such as on the tooks bakery site.

    With most Felixstowe HGVs heading from or to a location up the A14 (as opposed to the A12) such a solution (that was going ahead in the 1990s before it was pulled at the very last moment) would be suitable, would it not? It will also help with the new homes growth.

    The previous MP for Ipswich before he committed political suicide Ben Gummer pushed this vanity bridge strong through two General Election political campaigns. He is rumoured to live in the family home in the village of Winston (IP14 6LE; not far from Stowmarket) in Suffolk where the social grade is AB, Wealthy affluence, white christian, typically over 40, with an average credit score of 939/1000 and where everyone lives in "Huge dwellings".

    It is a well known fact that those living north of Ipswich are wealthier and of higher social grade/social class than those on council estates.

    Let's explore this further... (data from brief sample of postcodes chosen at random)

    Northern Neighbourhoods

    The neighbourhoods likely to be affected by a potential Northern Bypass or located within close distance to a potential path features high number of AB social grades and an average credit rating between 750 and 939.

    Claydon (ABC1/883), Akenham (ABC1/867), Barham (ABC1/939), Henley (ABC1/939), Witnesham (C1C2DE/750), Rushmere St Andrew (ABC1/939), Playford (ABC1/899), Westerfield (ABC1/939), Tuddenham (ABC1/899), Little Bealings (ABC1/939), Great Bealings (AB/939), Hasketon (ABC1/939), Fynn Valley Golf Club (ABC1/899), Culpho (ABC1C2/875)

    Southern Neighbourhoods

    The neighbourhoods likely to be affected by the routes of the Upper Orwell Crossings or located within close distance to such route to either side of the vanity bridge, features a high number of D and E social grades (unskilled workers and unemployment) and a credit rating between 504 and 867.

    Wherstead Road (South) (BC1C2/867), Burrell Road (ABC1D/760), Stoke (C1C2D-C2DE/504-656), Cliff Lane (C1C2D/836), Greenwich (C1C2D-C2DE/592-770), Ipswich Waterfront (east) (C1C2D-BC1C2/656-867)

    Is it about social class?

    Without a doubt when weighing up the pros and cons of the Upper Orwell Crossings, you will be left thinking why... why £100m+? Why a landmark vanity bridge? A basic bridge could be built for £20-30m across the short distance in quicker time.

    If the bridge is a landmark... and there is a redevelopment project linked (island site, "enterprise island") this is an extra delay... at the slow rate the well-publicised waterfront has developed (the wine rack is approaching a decade post-recession without being complete) it adds maybe 20 years before they need to consider a road upstairs...

    It is about affluent NIMBYs not wanting a noisy road and the diesel fume pollution from it across open land near their homes, but finding the same traffic acceptable to go inside urban residential areas and past schools because those people have less money, a lower education and a lower grade job which pays much less... in the meanwhile if they need anything off they go in their cars and add to Ipswich's traffic problems...
    Welcome to the new IPSWI beta!
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