Upper Orwell Crossings: August Update

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    Not much more new information about the Upper Orwell Crossings (vanity bridge)... what we currently know...
    • In May 2017 there was an Upper Orwell Crossing Navigation Working Group meeting
    • Cornhill Redevelopment got approval during purdah to safeguard the investment in return for the vanity bridge
    • Ben Gummer used the vanity bridge as his sole political marketing campaign, which involved t-shirts with the bridge design on.... and subsequently lost his seat
    • Sandy Martin - the new MP - has strongly reaffirmed his position of scrapping the vanity bridge - despite a petition set up by the Conservatives to keep it
    • Colin Noble has been leading efforts by the Conservatives to keep support for the bridge ongoing, he even is attributed to an "not an either or" rhetoric, a joke that even various top conservatives have been repeating without realising
    • Suffolk Chamber have strongly criticised the potential loss of investment of cancelling the vanity bridge, as have Ipswich Central
    • Ipswich Society states it's sister organisation Ipswich Maritime Trust is concerned over access to the marinas
    • There is to be workshops this autumn for the Upper Orwell Crossings - groups to split/mixed - invites/notices were sent out to those who have been involved previously... not sure if it will be widely advertised for new opinions
    • University of Suffolk have opened up the multi-million pound Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre which is a glowing success. There are no plans or desire for the tech centre on Enterprise Island as the uni didn't wait around and built it on campus... the vice chancellor clearly stated recently the objective is to grow the student numbers through partner colleges including perhaps in London. He mentioned the Upper Orwell Crossings but no reference to the Island Site.
    • FOI request reveals Ben Gummer deliberately requested the endpoints of the bridge were not shown in the fly-through video (raises concerns about practicalities), SCC staff request a watermark for the designs which could be construed to bring doubt on how representative the concepts will be on the end design and the multi-million pound competition has been put into disrepute over the scoresheets
    • Tampering with the town's traffic lights has hindered traffic flow across the town (look at Google Maps Traffic (or Waze) at non-peak times including at night you will start to see orange lines instead of green) - even if the traffic models were right at the time they were done, it would no longer be the case
    • No progress/update on reassigning the funds from the vanity bridge for a Northern Bypass/Northern Route
    • Ipswich Maritime Festival is approaching...
    Welcome to the new IPSWI beta!
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