Unlimited National Banger Championship Of The World

Discussion in 'Tourism' started by dan5, Oct 7, 2017.

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    Today is the Unlimited National Banger Championship Of The World at Foxhall Heath Stadium (Foxhall Stadium, and sometimes referred to as Foxhall International Raceway), which attracts thousands of visitors to the town. Other events at this stadium included the Brisca F1 World Final this year, Spedeweekend (sometimes incorrectly referred to as Speed weekend), National Hot Rod Championship of the World and Gala Night around fireworks night; plus Premier League Speedway hosted with the "Ipswich Witches".


    Unfortunately due to political reasons, this sports venue is snubbed along with popular events which also attracts large numbers of people from outside areas including the Copdock Motorcycle Show at Trinity Park. There is a significant exception for the Suffolk Show at Trinity Park.

    The above map shows the borough boundary (black boundary infilled with shadow) and inside that a very rough indication of the Ipswich Central BID zone (effectively the town centre plus railway station, Ipswich Village, the college and uni and the dock gates at the waterfront but not the vanity bridge location or Ipswich Docks) in red outline.

    The first red star to the east is Foxhall Stadium surrounded by heath land and the second red star lower down, as probably guessed by the Google Maps text is Trinity Park. Both are outside the borough boundary. To the North West could be SnOasis and to the south of the boundary Jimmys Farm sometimes hold events too.

    It isn't in the borough council's remit to promote or include a strategy for these large pulls of people that get people close to our town and highly probable are attended by the borough's residents also. Furthermore, the defacto DMO and Ipswich Central are only focusing on their remit area (the BID zone) and a little further down for the vanity bridge (not included as I guess ABP didn't want Ipswich Port to be part of the BID zone). The DMO extends to promoting the Suffolk Coast, using Ipswich as a base - what people have always done, the large trunk roads terminate here, as does the mainline rail connection... except Ipswich is no longer being promote for its own gems, unless you include the waterfront in that definition.

    Without this linked up strategy, we cannot best utilise these day visitors for events on the edge of our town. The Local Plan only considers housing... the Ipswich House Market Area which extends across surrounding districts. Ipswich Park & Ride only ever had one location within the boundary and this was first to close. The two remaining "Ipswich Park and Ride" sites are nowhere near the Ipswich boundary (much further than the two locations in the above map) - Ipswich being the destination - with Martlesham P&R some considerable distance, even past nearby town Kesgrave.

    This evening is likely to see some traffic disruption with the large amounts of traffic heading towards one of the venues above, in a similar way to major events at Trinity Park. Traffic will tail back both ends of Foxhall Road and some people will try to cut down Bell Lane to avoid it. Foxhall Road roundabout will struggle as it does daily. Parking to this popular event will be a nightmare.

    Ipswich Borough Council owned Ipswich Buses will not operate a bus service as an alternative to car (although the council makes the exception for the Suffolk Show as county town... Suffolk Show will get bigger numbers over the two days than any one event at Foxhall Stadium, but the stadium far more over the years) and a sensible option of utilising Park & Ride for out-of-town visitors to the major events hasn't been realised.

    You could argue that a once per year event (and a few other similar crowds at annual events) doesn't require this but we are still expected to give up car usage. Money and effort is frequently utilised to provide routes for a hundred or so cyclists. What Ipswich does require is more linked up thinking and this shouldn't solely apply to allowing surrounding district councils to dump their housing quota on our doorstep.

    Ipswich is better off if the boundary is expanded. Posted in "Tourism" as such an approach will result in attracting more people to the town and area; boosting the Suffolk economy. If more people come to Ipswich, more people will visit the Suffolk Coast and Constable Country.

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  3. OP

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    Complete mayhem. Rubbish everywhere over Kesgrave.

    Double parking all along Bell Lane making the road single-file. Surprised the road hasn't got double yellows.
  4. martinc

    martincFounder Member

    colleague here who lives up that way says parking was chaos in his road just off Foxhall Road, Ipswich side.
  5. OP

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    I think it was a problem across much of Kesgrave, Bixley etc.

    I know the eastern part of Foxhall Road had cars parked either side of the road etc.

    They need to look for a parking solution longer term but I guess as it is quite infrequent people have to put up with it.

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