Tourism is worth £220m to the local economy BBC Look East

Discussion in 'Tourism' started by wrightie, May 10, 2017.

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  1. wrightie

    wrightieFounder Member

    I don't know if anyone saw it but I thought it was worth sharing. Love the titles they use though, Ipswich Destination Organisation Management.
    A new report says that tourism is worth £220m to the local economy, and it predicts that figure could grow by £65m within three years. The findings come at a critical time for the town, tonight its playing host to officials from some of the biggest tourist attractions in the country.
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    • dan5

      dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

      I didn't see this, thanks for posting. Was watching ITV News instead of BBC.

      It makes me giggle when they talk about the Ipswich Destination Marketing Organisation. It is actually called Greater Ipswich DMO Ltd. Ipswich Central was attempting to be a DMO until they realised a separate business would allow them to get local government funding on top of the levy.

      They don't have a clue. It is very misleading as "tourism" includes all restaurants and hotels etc. so it doesn't remotely take into account domestic demand such as residents eating out or using hotels as a get-away. I would say a rough 7:2:1 ratio exists between residents, people from the catchment area and genuine tourists (whether international or other parts of the UK). There is likely to be growth in the "local tourism industry" with the new restaurants opening up (those in Buttermarket Centre, Love Thy Burger etc.) along with hotels (Yarmouth Road, Northgate Street etc). £220m is likely to be Suffolk, not sure if its an annual figure!

      The professor seems to confuse a weak pound as a win-win. It will encourage more people as it is cheaper but you are getting less money... If they anticipate £65m additional spending boost to Suffolk within 3 years, much of which will be in the existing amount. The increase in costs could put some traders out of business. Basically as a very brief over-simplified example, a shop which double sales by halving the price isn't going to increase turnover. obviously will make less profit!

      It was good to see they cleaned up the information board... all shiny reflection, tidy presentation inside and with a light! I couldn't see the car park in Arras Square or the A-Boards cluttering up outside the church Tourist Information Centre... I cannot say if they were present.

      The bottom line is the meeting is organised through the Church Conservation Trust which has no bearing on Ipswich or Suffolk other than we are a recent project of theirs. It is positive but I wouldn't read too much into it. Ben Gummer would be happy with the figures but they show a distorted view. We see far less tourists now than we did around 10 years ago, although the politicians could wrongly assume anyone of different ethnicity that lives here or is a uni student as being a tourist. We should be hosting more meetings in our town as a large growing urban area not far from London but they are too few and far between.
    • dan5

      dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

      The director of VisitEngland is to be the keynote speaker at Friday’s conference aimed at boosting Ipswich as a tourist destination.

      Andrew Stokes will be speaking at the Ipswich Tourism conference at Trinity Park. As Director for VisitEngland, Mr Stokes leads on the development of regional product to benefit domestic tourism in places across England including towns like Ipswich.

      Alex Paul, Chair of the Ipswich Destination Management Organisation said: “To have someone of Andrew’s standing and experience coming to our conference is a huge boon for us.

      “As we carry on our work to raise Ipswich and Suffolk’s profile as a visitor destination, Andrew’s help and guidance will be incredibly important for us.”

      The conference will hear how Ipswich is now positioning itself as a destination focussing on its culture and arts, history and heritage and showcasing the Waterfront.

      Ipswich Tourism is worth £220m to the local economy and with this new work by the DMO it is estimated that the visitor economy could grow by £65m by 2020 through an increase in day and overnight visitors.

      I would prefer some honesty stating they are relying on university students to boost our economy...
    • martinc

      martincFounder Member

      And such great facilities in Ipswich that they have to hold the conference out of the borough at Trinity Park!  It's a pity "the showcase" Waterfront hasnt got any decent conference facilities.


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      • dan5

        dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

        A very valid point. It just goes to show that there is more to Ipswich then the Waterfront, and more to Ipswich beyond the borough boundary!
      • dan5

        dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

        A follow up propaganda article...
        The Celebrating Ipswich conference at Trinity Park was organised by the town’s new Destination Management Organisation (DMO), Ipswich Central and the University of Suffolk to bring together hotels, leisure based companies and civic leaders to look at how to attract more visitors to the town.

        The headline speaker was Andrew Stokes, director of Visit England, who was able to advise delegates how to make the most of what the town has to offer – his previous job as boss of Marketing Manchester saw him bring millions of visitors to the northern city.

        The chairman of Ipswich DMO Alex Paul said the town needed to look at ways of attracting new visitors – and encouraging those who were coming to spend longer in Ipswich.

        He said: “We want the day visitors to come and spend their money here – but we want to turn them into overnight visitors and to spend more time enjoying what we have to offer.

        “There is the Waterfront and the town centre and all the cultural offer that you find here in Ipswich.”

        Ipswich was ideally placed as a location for a short-stay weekend break – but also as a base for a longer holiday with Constable country and the heritage coast nearby.

        And it could be an attractive stop-off for people heading to longer holiday elsewhere in East Anglia.

        Mr Paul said: “We have to look at all these strands. We have been working up a strategy for the last six to nine months and we are now ready to really start promoting the town.”

        The fall in the value of the pound meant that UK holidays and short breaks now looked like much better value than they had in the past – and the town should be able to take advantage of that to boost its tourist profile, he added.

        Tourism is currently estimated to be worth about £220m a year to the Ipswich Economy and the DMO believes an extra £65m a year could be generated by 2020 – bringing the prospect of new jobs and more tourist businesses to the town.

        This is all worrying for me. When the chairman says the following without any square brackets or twisting word context...
        “There is the Waterfront and the town centre and all the cultural offer that you find here in Ipswich.”

        What about the Waterfront? What about the town centre? What cultural offer?

        Followed by... Has Mr Paul ever been to Ipswich before?

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