The new Ipswich welcome signs have arrived

Discussion in 'Local Politics' started by martinc, Jun 3, 2017.

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  1. martinc


    well according to the Ips Soc theY have arrived, not actuallY seen one for mYself.

    Worth waiting for then?


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    • dan5

      dan5ModeratorStaff Member

      Couple of months and couple of days late?  (They look badly photoshopped lol)

      I recently did a FOI request to check up on what happened to both... which has promoted the council to take action. It only takes a couple of days for approval and a week or so for the signs to be done...

      Rather disgusting that they couldn't give a #### about them but until I chased them up - and the fact its General Election time - they actually got it done. It is possibly a coincidence but very unlikely. The Oldest English Town was 2013 and the Waterfront were 2016... SCC recently confirmed they rejected both and never sent it forward to Department for Transport for approval. Nothing on here or Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place!

      The font is awful but there are really strict rules so you cannot have something really well presented.

      If it is indeed true (and I stop caring at some silly signs to be honest) it is disappointing to lose "county town", "university town" and Arras twin town messages.
    • dan5

      dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    • OP


      Rubbish aren't they. My better half, being more in tune with heritage than me, is most disappointed about the lose of county town. Why oh why the waterfront crap???  Ipswich is much more.

      I assume we still have an Arras twinning organisation, I wonder if they are happy being removed..

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      • dan5

        dan5ModeratorStaff Member

        Losing the county town part is a disgrace and I would like to see a change in MP, which I hope will end the Ipswich Waterfront obsession.

        Completely clueless from day one and struggled to obtain easy-wins... the island site isn't developed, Wine Rack is half-developed, brewery site needs developing and Stoke Bridge end is still looking bad. Take out the yachts and take away a nice sunny day and there is nothing there of real interest!

        The organisation still exists...  Membership is £6 individual and £10 couple/family.

        I am not sure if losing the "university town" part of the sign is a bad idea - I struggle to see how it will grow especially with the knock back from the I-AM project to create a High Street Campus at Ipswich Museum. It would be good for them to reconsider a new location phase out the existing locations and either re-purpose them or sell for a company HQ.

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