Ipswich Star The great affair that is Ipswich Music Day: Memories from 1996

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    Once a year Christchurch Park is overtaken with musicians and music lovers who come together to celebrate all that is great about the local music scene.

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    another filler, random stuff from the archives that have no relevance to today at all! I wonder if they now have some sort of bot creating a lot of the Star content? The quizzes, lists and this sort of rubbish surely don't need any one real to do it! Its getting like those websites you sometimes come across where its all just stuff dragged in from else where and little of it makes any sense or has any context..
  4. dan5

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    I totally agree... also why 1996? Would have made more sense last year lol :D

    Their website could be automated most certainly. I know they schedule a lot of their posts... They could save a lot of money by getting rid of half their workforce with the same result.

    Plenty of spammer websites which pulls in content and blindly tries to make content out of it whilst not following any English language rules. I am surprised search engines tolerate it tbh