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Ipswich Star Take A Walk Down Memory Lane With Our Nostalgic Ipswich Pub Quiz

Discussion in 'Ipswich News' started by newsbot, Aug 12, 2017.

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  1. newsbot


    Can you recognise these Ipswich pubs in our old picture quiz? Maybe you have had a beverage in one!

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  3. martinc


    Ffs star!!! First pub is the Douglas barder, how long has that been in Ipswich. Last one you have the option to select the Halberro Inn. It was the Halberd. Yet again appalling local knowledge from our local paper.
  4. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    It is ridiculous. The paper might be printed in Norwich but they have a base here and I believe most live in the area too. Why no pride in correct information?

    The Douglas Bader... in Martlesham Heath... nostalgic quiz down memory lane?! It is a late 70s pub. I suppose you have the 80s... but any time after that not really more significant than a memorable event of any time maybe even last month. :D The Wild Man is well known as the Sproughton Wild Man,... because it is in Sproughton!

    Martlesham Heath is a "new" village settlement on the land of the old RAF base.

    Does the STD code 01473 or any IP postcode make it enough for them to call something "Ipswich"? I think the dinosaurs behind the paper only see large settlements... if you went towards Cambridge... everywhere is in Ipswich until Stowmarket, everywhere is Stowmarket until Bury St Eds, and everywhere is Bury St Eds until Cambridge...

    The lack of any local knowledge is poor... Paul Geater (who styled himself "Mr Ipswich") Suffolk-born doesn't seem to have any. If I am honest - it helps - but in the 21st century you don't need to know the local area (but it is desirable)... the internet can help. Not just the millions of pages providing information (if you can trust it - you can come unstuck if you assume everything is spot on)... but people post photos online on photo sharing/album websites plus social media, you have Google Maps (also Bing, Here etc. - such a step forward as before then mapping was pretty much only accessible commercially and expensive), Streetview... but failing all that buy an OS map... or ask a friend or someone local!

    In this example of Pubs... I have been on websites which list them in a similar way to shops opening hours and business directories... CAMRA I think it is have a website listing many with all their landlords and former names. The information is out there and Google will find it for you! In this case pretty easy (I know quite well that it can actually be difficult to find some useful information sometimes with competitive keywords)
  5. martinc


    It is shocking, really poor.

    Which reminds me some excuse was made about something in the Star the other day which involved putting the blame on some one in Norwich altering something before the paper went to press. I think that just about says it all. I will try and find it, I think it was on Facebook somewhere.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2017
  6. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Sounds very serious, if you can obtain it - would be very much appreciated!

    I don't think anyone is under an illusion that Norwich-based Archant isn't taking advantage of this... for example, the new editor was pro-Northern Bypass and was sold on Orwell Ahead's Unitary Authority proposal... the NBP stuff got pulled (which included a poll they never published the results of... or unless I missed it?) with Paul Geater doing a few articles telling people to walk, and they kept the Unitary Authority low-key after they published a story or two about it.

    However, this said I cannot see the online content as being sabotaged by Norwich. For example, when they go live IPSWI is likely to pick up the new posts... but mistakes normally get corrected (rather than vice versa) besides a big difference between spelling and grammar... and lack of local knowledge/making it up as you go along.
  7. martinc


    hmmm, you may recall the Ipswich Society had a post on facebook criticising the Star for running down the town over the stats about Ipswich not being a sporting town. I have a feeling the comment about Norwich interference was in that thread but I can't find it now. So have the Ips Soc removed it, after all they would not want to upset the Star, they get what I imagine is a free page every week... Did we not comment that it was nice to see the Ips Soc sticking their heads above the parapet, looks like they may have ducked down again...
  8. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    The item has disappeared on facebook homepage (?)...

    I have accessed this through a direct link on the IPSWI article...
    Ipswich Society: Putting The Facts In Perspective

    Comments seem to have been deleted (?) - I thought there were more, only 5 remain.

    I know we have no alternative (other than the internet - other sites, twitter and facebook) but why do people still buy the Ipswich Star newspaper? If you want newspapers for non-reading purposes, tabloids are much cheaper.
  9. martinc


    I wonder how many do now but the Star? I can count the number of people I know who do still on the fingers of 1 foot, as in none now..
  10. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    I think the reason why their online content is nonsense (i.e. a few articles for one basic news story - excluding updates of the same article, property for sale, restaurant reviews etc.) is they are probably making their money from website advertisements. I wouldn't be surprised if their regional income was as follows (in order of highest amount):-
    1. Newspaper adverts and features
    2. Website advertisement revenue
    3. Newspaper sales

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