Suffolk Show in top 15 UK events for May 2017

Discussion in 'Tourism' started by dan5, May 8, 2017.

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  1. dan5

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    Ipswich Star is reporting Suffolk Show in top 15 UK events for May 2017 by, owned by TripAdvisor, when we looked at the site we found an unordered list including Suffolk Show on a blog post.
    The annual two-day extravaganza has been chosen by UK rental giants, owned by TripAdvisor, as one of the top 15 events in May across the UK.

    Saskia Welman, a spokesman at, said: “Regarded as a traditional county show that celebrates food, farming and countryside, the Suffolk Show is considered as heaven for lovers of rural life.

    “There is amazing food and drinks from local producers, craft shopping, unique exhibits, sports zones, and displays of best-in-breed animals, with many more events and activities celebrating the great British countryside.”

    TripAdvisor is a big well known internet brand for reviews. I don't think is quite the big company site the Ipswich Star is portraying it as.

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  3. martinc

    martincFounder Member

    nowhere does it says its "top 15" it's just 15 random events from around the UK in May... False news,
  4. OP

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    Indeed it is a poorly put together blog, TripAdvisor bought up the independent website business and let them get on with it. I am sure there is someone in the office that just focuses on doing some blog content and contacting all local press in those areas for a bit of PR.

    I wouldn't let the TripAdvisor Inc ownership mislead you into thinking it is something significant. A profitable business it is, TripAdvisor is only interested to prevent a new competitor coming along and putting them out of their market. Just one of their mini side projects.

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