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Suffolk Libraries Awarded £704,000 Grant

Discussion in 'Civic & Community' started by dan5, Aug 7, 2017.

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  1. dan5

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    It isn't all cuts. Suffolk Libraries has been awarded £176,000 a year grant from the Arts Council England as an National Portfolio Organisation to develop arts and culture for young people.

    This is either a lot of money for a centrally produced project or not so much if spread across all library branches.

    This is over a month old so isn't news, but wanted to point out Suffolk Libraries getting a significant (if not massive) grant. The whole concept behind the Suffolk Libraries IPS setup as arms-length from the council is so the council can reduce how much money it spends on the service and for lottery funding (and other sources) to take over the cost. It isn't that straight forward so budgets will be squeezed until those wins come.
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