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Satire Suffolk Gazette: Orwell Bridge To Be Closed Weekly For Livestock Crossing

Discussion in 'Offtopic Chat' started by ComedySatire, Aug 11, 2017.

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    Orwell Bridge to be closed weekly for livestock crossing

    The discovery of an ancient bylaw means the Orwell Bridge will be closed every Wednesday morning to allow local livestock to cross, it has been revealed. Police say the three-hour closure is likely to cause traffic chaos in and around Ipswich every week, but the move is unavoidable as they must enforce the law. Local […] The post Orwell Bridge to be closed weekly for livestock crossing appeared first on Suffolk Gazette. Related Stories
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    Bridge to close for live stock crossing!
    What a load of old Bull ---- how on earth did they cross the river before there was a bridge -- for once the police are correct in saying this will cause chaos for the town
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    Sorry! :oops:

    Suffolk Gazette is a spoof news (fake news) website. This incorrectly went into the wrong forum - Suffolk News instead of Offtopic Chat. I have corrected the feed so it now goes into the right place and had to move 20 or so articles one-by-one across!

    This week there is a planned Orwell Bridge closure or two at night I believe. I don't think it is a full closure but the A1214 etc. will see increased traffic because of it. So, there won't be closures for livestock (but knowing my luck there will probably be a closure for a broken down lorry with livestock on board...)

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