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Suffolk County Council leader misleads public before local elections

Discussion in 'Upper Orwell Crossings' started by newsbot, Mar 14, 2017.

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    It’s not Orwell Crossing OR Northern by-pass insists council leader
    Government funding for the Upper Orwell Crossing in Ipswich will not affect a bid for funds to build a northern by-pass for the town, county council leader Colin Noble has said.

    The government is committed to paying £77m towards the near £100m cost of the three new bridges over the river, prompting fears among some people.

    Noble said: “Just because the Upper Orwell Crossings are being delivered does not mean we are not looking at other possible solutions to relieve congestion in Ipswich. There is also no single solution to address both present and future traffic issues in the town.

    “A strong economic case was provided in order to secure government funding for the crossings and the same will need to be done in order to guarantee money for a northern relief road.

    “We have to push the economic benefits a road would bring, its value for businesses, and show it is needed for new homes.”

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    Naturally, Ipswich Star has full spin on misleading people on this article. Colin Noble mentioned "Northern Relief Road" not "Northern By-pass". By new homes, I am sure he means houses off a mid-suffolk road which isn't a bypass for Ipswich at all.
  3. martinc


    That's interesting, where has that come from then, why did he feel the need to make that pronouncement I wonder.. Maybe all feeling a bit threatened by the ever increasing number of calls for action on the Northern whatever..!
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  5. Ipswi


    Indeed, the council leader that you rarely hear of. Local elections for county councillors coming up? It is still possible for the Upper Orwell Crossings to not go ahead... so they want people to love the vanity project with the "election promise" of a potential northern relief road which Geater automatically spins as Northern Bypass.  When you analyse it, it really is working in partnership... you have to read in between the lines. The Ipswich Star is encouraging misquotes which becomes a defence for the politicians to correct someones innocent assumptions.

    I am glad to hear Ben Gummer specifically say "we need a Northern Bypass". He isn't the man to make this a reality. He only said this to get public on side as since Friday's announcement he assumed everyone would love the landmark bridge; instead almost everyone criticised it and half recommended a Northern Bypass instead. This only came about as he tried to plug his vanity project despite talking about the Cornhill Redevelopment, which may now be solely a distraction!

    All I harp on about is how Ipswich - county town of Suffolk - must treat itself as a city (even without official city status)... having an internationally renown architect designing what many may call a landmark bridge is an addition you would expect from a city like London, and over-kill for a town that struggles to expand due to boundary restraints set two centuries back. In a large town like Ipswich you build a bridge to get the job done, there isn't really any real added value by adding expensive style to the equation. Businesses aren't going to flock in their thousands to Ipswich because we have what many may refer to a "nice bridge". We (well I haven't) have pushed the Ipswich Waterfront for a decade or so with growing focus... in many photos it look really nice. So why had no business purchased the buildings near Stoke Bridge end? Why have both Premier Inn and Travelodge built brand new hotels close to the Ipswich Waterfront but not on quayside? Why no casino on the island site?

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