Storm Doris and Ranelagh Road closure: ultimate chaos?

Discussion in 'Northern Bypass' started by Ipswi, Feb 23, 2017.

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  1. Ipswi


    With winds between 60-70mph forecast, can the Ipswich road network cope with a key road closure both in town and the TEN-T A14 Orwell Bridge being closed due to high winds from Storm Doris?
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  2. martinc


    er  no, it won't. There's also been roadworks and a single lane in St Helens St as well everyday this week, that's clearly not helping at all with the overall flow..
  3. OP


    3 months on, Orwell Bridge closed again.

    Orwell Bridge Closure 2017 Storm Doris

    Orwell Bridge Closure from 10am. Assumed until 6pm but we will see.

    Officially closed from 10am the traffic cams tell a different story... either Highways England and police slow at enforcing the closure or the cams give fake time and dates.

    Surely if it is that dangerous they would quickly close the bridge?
  4. OP


    BBC Suffolk has apologised for misinformation...
    Traffic still using Orwell Bridge   (Posted at 10:54)

    We've just checked out of our St Matthew's Street office window (where by standing on a desk we can see the bridge in the distance) and can state categorically that as we write, the Orwell Bridge (pictured last summer) is in fact still open.

    Apologies if we've confused you, the information we brought you earlier came from both Suffolk Police and Highways England.

    We're trying to get the very latest for you.

    Not their fault, just given bad information. The bridge is technically shut for "road management" reasons. I wonder if on the statistics whether they will claim a bridge closure from 11am instead of 10am? They dislike bridge closures being longer than an hour and 3 hours.
  5. OP


    The chaos begins - severe congestion on the A14 eastbound carriageway before J55 Copdock Interchange and severe congestion before the A14 westbound carriageway before J58. Some vehicles still being allowed across the bridge however.

    It appears they have now closed the road between J58 and J55!
    Location The A14 westbound between junctions J58 Bucklesham and J55 Copdock
    Reason Road Management
    Status Currently Active
    Lanes Closed

    Bloody shocking. Not only is the bridge closed but J56 and J57.

  6. martinc


    more red now.. A14 coming south and then heading on to A1214 at Copdock junction looking worst currently.


  7. OP


    They have closed the junctions, so no traffic can flow up Wherstead Road A137 (roadworks) which would be a good advert for the Upper Orwell Crossings and no traffic can flow up A1189 Nacton Road (also roadworks). Traffic is then forced through the A1214 London Road where the Ranelagh Road diversions loop through and Felixstowe Road A1156. Utilising J56 and J57 would create gridlock but give somewhere for vehicles to go... instead the tailbacks on the A12 and A14; and the A1214, A1189 and A1156, might be catastrophic.
  8. OP


    Highways England (Highways Agency) Traffic England Traffic Cams which conveniently stop working when there is black not moving bumper-to-bumper congestion...

    12pm A12 A14 Ipswich congestion not moving Orwell Bridge closure Storm Doris traffic cam

    None of the bottom 3 are currently in operation, showing "camera unavailable".

    Highways England: Driving Forward... well not much of that happening at the moment.
  9. martinc


  10. OP


    Estimate traffic travel times by @ 12:30

    A12 Northbound just past Capel St Mary into Copdock Interchange - estimated time 29 minutes - speed average 3mph

    A14 Eastbound from Sproughton to Copdock Interchange - estimated time 24 min - speed average 7mph

    A1214 London Road - estimated time 1 hour - speed average 2mph

    A1214 Valley Road - average speed 6mph

    A1214 Valley Road (Henley Road) - average speed 5mph

    A137 Grafton Way - average speed 3mph

    A1156 Bond Street - average speed 2mph

    A1156 Bury Road - average speed 8mph

    A1156 Grimwade Street - average speed 5 mph

    B1458 Duke Street - average speed 5mph

    A1156 Fore Hamlet - average speed 3mph

    A1156 Felixstowe Road - average speed 5mph

    A1156 Felixstowe Road (Warren Heath) - average speed 11mph

    A1071 Woodbridge Road (Lattice Barn) - average speed 4mph

    B1067 Bramford Road - average speed 7mph

    A1071 Handford Road - average speed 6mph

    A137 West End Road - average speed 5mph

    B1075 Ranelagh Road - average speed 2mph

    A1022 Star Lane (Star Lane gyratory) - average speed 5mph

    A1022 Key Street (Star Lane gyratory) - average speed 4mph

    A1156 St Helens Street - average speed 1mph

    A1214 Colchester Road - average speed 11mph

    Important: Data retrieved over 5 minutes through map interface (not a single point in time) and is based on sample of drivers sharing data, speed based on GPS, device accuracy varies and driving style could influence the results. I am assuming this has a +/- 10% accuracy, so not scientific but a very good ballpark indication.

    Takes me ages to type it out... easier next time... will try again at 3pm, 5pm and 6pm if I am available.
  11. OP


    I forgot to say earlier (about an hour ago) of two incidents (RTC?) one on the A14 near Sproughton and another on the A12 near Brockley Wood (roughly half way between Capel St Mary and Belstead). There was also a report of a car break down on Tuddenham Road. No local public transport complaints on twitter as far as I can see - no service updates from Ipswich Buses either. I would be surprised if they weren't experiencing delays.
  12. OP


    Traffic Cam Update

    A14 West of Ipswich between J53 and J55 Traffic Cams out of action.

    A14 Traffic Cams

    A lorry break down near J53 - I wouldn't fancy that! Seems no police on scene (not far from Landmark House base), slow lane with fast traffic in fast lane and slip road.

    A14 lorry Breakdown J53 Storm Doris
    A14 lorry Breakdown J53 Storm DorisA14 lorry Breakdown J53 Storm Doris

    Some notable saved traffic cam shots from elsewhere:

    A14 Felixstowe lorry congestionA14 Felixstowe lorry congestion

  13. OP


    Estimate traffic travel times & speeds by @ 15:00

    A12 Northbound just past Capel St Mary into Copdock Interchange – 35 mins - 5mph

    A14 Eastbound from Sproughton to Copdock Interchange – 35 min - 6mph

    A14 Westbound J58 - 24mph

    A14 Eastbound (Felixstowe) - 7mph

    A1214 London Road – 1hr - 2mph

    A1214 Valley Road – 3mph

    A1214 Valley Road (Henley Road) – 7 mph

    A1214 Main Road (Kesgrave) - 7mph

    A137 Grafton Way – 3mph

    A137 Vernon Street - 2mph

    A137 Hawes Street - 2mph

    A1156 Grimwade Street - 8mph

    B1458 Duke Street – 3mph

    A1156 Fore Hamlet – 3mph

    A1156 Felixstowe Road – 5mph

    A1156 Felixstowe Road (Warren Heath) – 8mph

    A1156 Bond Street - 2mph

    B1067 Bramford Road – 5mph

    A1071 Handford Road – 3mph

    A1071 Sproughton - 7mph

    A1022 Star Lane (Star Lane gyratory) - 5mph

    A1156 St Helens Street - 3mph

    A1156 Crown Street - 3mph

    Important: Data retrieved over 5 minutes through map interface (not a single point in time) and is based on sample of drivers sharing data, speed based on GPS, device accuracy varies and driving style could influence the results. I am assuming this has a +/- 10% accuracy, so not scientific but a very good ballpark indication. Data not available for all roads, some new inclusions and some left out.
  14. OP


    A14 eastbound queued back to J53 Whitehouse 

    Copdock J55 A14 eastbound queued back to J53

    Camera became unavailable shortly after.
  15. martinc


  16. OP


    Yes. The traffic on A12 northbound has gone past Capel St Mary now and as you said the traffic on the A14 eastbound has gone past Claydon.

    It is clear they haven't learnt a thing. Lorries gridlocking both Ipswich and the A14. Why haven't lorries been stacked? Has the Port of Felixstowe decided not to stop booking in lorries knowing the storm was coming? In the last hour more and more traffic is HGV compared to mostly cars and vans earlier (except at Felixstowe).

    Why hasn't Ipswich Borough Council stepped in to utilise the Sugar Beet Factory site as a place to temporarily park up the lorries? Why isn't the roads between the Orwell Bridge and the closed junctions being used to park up lorries? You could probably stick a thousand lorries there (including slip roads).

    In other news, twitter complaints are coming in... "why hasn't the bus turned up?"

    Have you not heard...? Have you not seen (the rain and the wind)?
  17. OP


    Traffic situation update @ 18:40

    Traffic still very heavy around town and on A14 and A12. Bridge not anticipated to reopen until 8pm and it could be another hour after the bridge open for things to go back to normal.
  18. OP


    Orwell Bridge (and half the A14) reopened just after 8.30pm

    Bridge closure of 10 and a half hours. Roads starting to recover now.
  19. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    I am getting mixed feedback this morning - some people very angry about yesterday and others who have said the diversion route was well planned and kept traffic moving (compared to 3 months ago) even if very slow.

    There seemed to be less complaints this time around but probably down to the hyping up of Storm Doris! Also, the media was fully dedicated to Storm Doris (including the absolutely pathetic but mandatory news reports in gale force winds) so even Ipswich Star didn't focus on Orwell Bridge closure so much and didn't dive into the debate of a Northern Bypass just to wind a few thousand people up!

    I think it was largely a factor of good timing (luck), whereabouts you were and where you were going to (all sounding very obvious indeed). Those on the A12, A14 and A1214 were probably most affected overall. A couple of incidents - one reported on the A14 near Sproughton and another on the A12 wouldn't have helped matters.