State Of Suffolk Roads: Ipswich Potholes

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    Only last week was I talking to someone about how bad the roads are in Suffolk. From the A14 to Ipswich road network. You cannot really blame it on cold or extreme weather. Suffolk County Council is responsible for Ipswich roads apart from trunk roads around the town (responsibility of Highways England). Today the Ipswich Star is running a story about a Smart councillor who reported cases of potholes in Sprites Ward pun intended - 66 photos in his dossier.

    The Labour big-headed borough councillor who hasn't notice the problems in the roads for the entire year he had been elected, yet after an ongoing spat with the Conservative run county council, which had recently re-ignited between the councils after a long period of alleged calm under Ipswich Vision as a consequence to an Labour MP displacing Tory boy Ben Gummer... he thought it would be newsworthy of a political stunt that Ipswich Star is only too happy to run with it. Mr Ipswich stop train spotting long enough and also went hunting for potholes to photograph!

    Some are slight degradation of the road surface, others are craters... and they want people to cycle!

    A Google Search returned an article from The Sun claiming a "pothole plague" (really..? wtf?) claiming 100,000 reported potholes go unfilled across the UK. (Warning has a lot of NSFW content in the sidebar) It has some interesting data, estimated pothole damage costing £730m a year (or £110 for each motorist)

    Feel free to claim compensation from the council if affected. They will try to get out of it under Section 58 of the Highways Act 1980. Report a pothole - GOV.UK

    On Suffolk County Council is rated 78 out of Highway Agencies in fixing potholes.

    1094 hazards are outstanding as of time of this post.

    Will upload photos of potholes if I find any (most reports without images)... will try google!
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