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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ipswi, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Ipswi


    So IPSWI is still in alpha - first public test - aiming to be beta by April.

    One of the significant changes to be noticed is the inclusion of Google Adsense advertisements. Our intention isn't just to recover our costs but to utilise the site to bring in an income for Ipswich Ltd to help improve the town in one form or another.

    Over the next year we will be launching numerous websites dedicated to promoting Ipswich with the aim of launching our DMO Destination Ipswich next year. More emphasis on Ipswich's other gems - not just Ipswich Waterfront!

    Our priority over IPSWI will remain important - "Encouraging Community" - the adverts will allow local businesses to target their customers considering most people on this site when it grows will be Ipswich-based or surrounding areas. We will do our best to screen inappropriate adverts. There will be no cost to use the site - no upgrades!

    As always, we don't request personal information through the site and won't sell your accounts or details (we don't hold it!). Emails are for notifications only, we do not plan of using it for marketing features. We have a privacy policy and we are local! When we start earning money from the site our main priority is to help grow the site, so we will market it locally when the site graduates from testing (alpha, beta etc.).

    There was an opportunity to create a UK-wide site but we have chosen to keep it local and important.

    Adverts will help support both IPSWI and Ipswich Ltd improve Ipswich - you are able to opt-out to certain features in your settings and using an advert blocker (if you must) won't restrict your ability to use the site.

    We have two current options we are considering...

    1) Serve adverts to everyone, or

    2) Serve adverts to guests (i.e. not displayed when you login)

    Your thoughts are appreciated!

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  2. OP


    Adverts are now enabled for non-logged in users. Will need to fine tune advert categories.
  3. OP


    Okay, it has been decided that:

    • Registered Members that are logged in, will see a single advert on each topic page under the first post on that page; they won't see any advertisements anywhere else such as in activity, forum list and searches.

    • Guests or those not logged in, will see up to 3 adverts per page, depending on the page.

    We hope those that are willing to contribute within the IPSWI community will grow and ideally we do not want to serve adverts to them. The single advert shown we hope local businesses will target so can be beneficial to our members. Guests finding us from a Google search etc - including those not from the Greater Ipswich area primarily, are served more adverts, solely as an income stream. (We have chosen not to serve 3 to members as they are creating us content)

    It is your right to use an advert blocker (if you must!) and by using one won't stop you being able to view, post and interact on the site.

    Any money made (it isn't going to be a lot at anticipated volumes) will go into Ipswich Ltd to fund various projects and subsidiaries.
  4. OP


    We have changed the forum listing style slightly, much cleaner now.

    The above snapshot of news forum gives example.
  5. Ipswich

    IpswichAdministratorStaff Member

    Some changes to design and function since the above post.

    We have now phased away from "category" based sorting forums to "location" based. Whether it is about crime, potholes, or some other activity, they now go in the closest possible location forum. If it applies to multiple locations and political we still have a Local Politics forum. We have also added news for other Suffolk towns to be sorted into.

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