Ipswich Star Sink Your Teeth Into 15 Of Ipswich’s New Restaurants

Discussion in 'Ipswich News' started by newsbot, Aug 21, 2017.

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  1. newsbot


    If you live in Ipswich then you have probably noticed the growth in restaurants and eateries in the past two years. We have compiled a list of them for you to try.

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  3. dan5

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    • Takayama, Fore Street
    • The Grazing Sheep, Ipswich Waterfront
    • Casablanca, Tacket Street
    • 92 Noodle Bar, Fore Street
    • Prezzo, Buttermarket Shopping Centre
    • Lux Sushi, St Matthew’s Street
    • Love Thy Burger, Westgate Street
    • Ottoman, Woodbridge Road
    • Wagamamas, Buttermarket Shopping Centre
    • O Patio Patisserie and Coffee Shop, St Matthew’s Street
    • Byron, Buttermarket Shopping Centre
    • The Mariners, Ipswich Waterfront
    • Cosy Club, Buttermarket Shopping Centre
    • Locanda Di Parma, St Peter’s Street
    • Coast to Coast, Buttermarket Shopping Centre
    Interesting list - I wasn't aware of Lux Sushi and 92 Noodle Bar.

    (Not sure all the above can be classified as "restaurants")
  4. martinc

    martincFounder Member

    Prezzo, been, way too noisy inside, very hard to hold a conversation, usual OK Prezzo food, would go to Woodbridge if we wanted another Prezzo.

    Wagamama, been, food a bit different, and was enjoyed, wasn't' so keen on sitting on a wooden bench on a big table, nor with their idea of bringing any food when its ready rather than serving a party all together. Again very noisy from what I recall, that puts me off a return. Also can't book for small parties.

    Locanda, I think its having a difficult time, its been open, shut, open and now looks shut again.

    Is not the new italian in the old Saints unit in St Peter St also new?

    What about the new branch of the local pizza Bella Napoli in Princes St?

    I'm sure being a Star list it's not going to be terrible accurate!!
  5. dan5

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    I have to admit I am annoyed at the sushi explosion in Ipswich. None of the asian fusion places wanted to do it but along comes "sushi to go" very run of the mill non-authentic sushi place (cream cheese! **) everyone follows... Waitrose scrapped their sushi section near sandwiches to have a proper sushi counter (through a third party), Japanese restaurant up the road from sushi to go... give it 5 years, we will have 8 places doing sushi :D


    I think Prezzo is just one of those generic Italian chain brands... there is differences but for all intents and purposes, food wise they are pretty much the same give-or-take.


    Wagamama... probably the most overrated "Asian food" place. They don't claim to be Asian, just inspired. Whatever that means. I have been to Wagamama in London and I don't think I will ever go back to a Wagamama again... the food isn't bad but nothing great. I went with my other half... down steps (Leicester Square)... wasn't allowed in as was busy.

    When a few people left, we went in... waited at the counter to be seated. By this time a third of the restaurant bench space was free. They don't grab a menu and show you to bench... oh no, someone else hadn't came along and stuck a menu down so that bench was still occupied despite witnessing those people going 15 minutes ago. So we were waiting for an extra 5 minutes just chatting away... we notice someone came along place a menu... and then the waitress looked over, then said to us a table has become available. Really?!

    Bad customer service/organisation, probably not likely to happen here or elsewhere. We both ordered at the same time, I picked a safe basic dish and she chose something which takes about double the time to cook etc. Guess who got their food first? The wait for her food was ages (but generally don't mind if the food is fresh and nor microwaved)... but this same waitress came over and asked if I hadn't got my food yet (despite already chasing it up) - like I had ate it already along with the plate! - my other half had eaten her food 15 minutes before mine arrived (and she desperately ate slow hoping we had at least a window of opportunity of eating a meal together). The food was okay... worth an hour wait? NO!

    I am not sure if people understand why Chefs are hot headed... probably the most famous is Gordon Ramsay... the two main aspects of running a restaurant is Food + Service! Food is probably the most obvious one, but the food needs to go out for the whole party, it is a lot of organisation. Service isn't solely customer service of checking why your food isn't out, if the food is okay and apologising when they mess up.

    Party of 2... (not 8!) not rocket science... I haven't tried Wagamama Ipswich to see if it is any different because before you can get into the restaurant you are greeted by a takeaway menu and have passed a few "deliveroos" on cycles... when takeaways are more important than your sit down restaurant food... that is a poor sign. It also seems to be popular with the young don't-know-any-different crowd just like Nandos... seems "cool" that is where they go...


    Yeah, the last time I was in the pub opposite it was a pizza place. Not sure if I have my wires crossed. They obviously do pizza but the branding was different? I am not too sure.


    The above sort of thing really annoys me. Not because it is an A-board on the pavement...
    It presents the information clearly...great. Wait a moment, this shop-turned-restaurant is supposed to be a quality authentic Italian restaurant (La Locanda: "The Inn") and also features all the typical gourmet presentation of food it serves, but this A-board looks like one from a run-of-the-mill fish and chip shop. Branding problem!

    ** I am sure it tastes good but is a sign of covering up IMO. Salmon and cream cheese... lamb and mint... etc. I think when food has been prepared in such a way when you don't have the option to do it yourself, shows the food isn't so fresh!
  6. dan5

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

  7. martinc

    martincFounder Member

    Did they take one off the list?

    Locanda issues down to problems with chef I heard, that's what you find out when you spend time in the Thomas Wolsey opposite on a regular basis!
  8. dan5

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    Yes, if you go on the main site the URL will still be the same ("sink-your-teeth-into-15-of-ipswich-s-new-restaurants-1-5156700")... I did read on a review somewhere that a member of staff needed paying. He wasn't too happy about it, as you could expect.

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