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Reform Suffolk

Discussion in 'Tourism' started by Ipswi, Apr 12, 2017.

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    Reform Suffolk: Mark Ling


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    Reform Suffolk Campaign - Election Campaign Launch.

    We are delighted to launch our County Council election campaign with a short daily video message, from one of our three independent candidates.

    Please see youtube link below:


    If you support our proposed reform of local government in Suffolk, you can vote for us on 4th May in the following divisions:

    LINDA SHARP - Candidate for BIXLEY, Ipswich.

    LYNN TURNER - Candidate for BRIDGE, Ipswich.


    Please like our Facebook page and follow our messages.

    For full details of our proposals see website www.orwellahead.co.uk (Reform Suffolk Campaign tab) or www.facebook.com/orwellahead

    I will post a topic (text based on Reform Suffolk).
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    Reform Suffolk did well in the county elections.

    In the Kesgrave & Rushmere St. Andrew division Mark Robert Ling received 543 votes (highest candidate not of the two main parties).

    In the Bridge division Lynn Marie Turner received 139 votes.

    In the Bixley division Linda Sharp received 120 votes.

    Bixley and Bridge divisions much more trickier as only one seat were available compared to two in Kesgrave & Rushmere St Andrew which had a much larger turnout of 64.22%.

    This means in total 802 people voted for Reform Suffolk independent candidates.

    With a total of 14,405 votes cast, they received a little over 5% of the votes. A very small percentage, but they managed to persuade 1 in 20 people to vote for them. Most people would have never heard of Reform Suffolk just a few months earlier. Their goal wasn't to win their seats but to raise awareness for the Orwell Unitary Authority and two other Unitary Authorities in Suffolk with shared services.
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    802 people, a few off the seated capacity of the Ipswich Corn Exchange... a really large number of people!

    I am sure if they fielded a candidate to every seat up for election they would have achieved a similar percentage of the vote county-wide.
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    oh well, that's that excitement over. Mark did really well, and Bixley was never going to change colour...


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