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Ransomes Way & Felixstowe Road Illegal Hoarding Advertisements

Discussion in 'Local Politics' started by dan5, Aug 5, 2017.

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  1. dan5

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    This is a strange case. One night in 2016 (assume it was done at night), someone came along dug holes, poured concrete and erected large billboard advertisements at the Sainsbury's roundabout on Felixstowe Road and on Ransomes Way on Highway land. A company behind it, some reputable businesses have advertised there believing it is all legit. Glasswells being one of them.

    This advertisement and there is another one around the corner on A1189 Ransomes Way.

    I call it Highwaysly Illegal. What is more interesting is the council's attitude towards it.

    The highway is owned by the county council.
    The illegal advert is operated by directional media

    Both are liable to prosecution by the local authority (borough or district council).

    I was reading email correspondence from the relevant local authorities and highway authority... it appears the district council is threatening to jointly prosecute the land owner and the advertising firm, but scared to prosecute the county council who said "Ultimately we can employ our contractors to remove them but it's a lot of work due to the size" so it has been ongoing for quite a while.

    There was email ping pong for months. Not sure if there are any updates.

    I haven't been to Ransomes Europark for a while via Felixstowe Road so I am not sure if they are both there. The one on Ransomes Way is more likely to remain - and I believe falls under the borough council's area.
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