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Rail Station Forecourt Complete With Shelters

Discussion in 'Town Centre (Central Ipswich)' started by dan5, Jul 18, 2017.

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    I haven't been that way for the last couple of weeks but according to the Ipswich Society, the Ipswich Railway Station forecourt project finally got completed 2 weeks ago!


    Some points to notice...
    1. The undeniable evidence of police vehicles in the reflection of the bus shelters (3 police cars?)
    2. Very few people at the new bus shelter
    3. Just one "bus shelter" for the taxis... that wasn't to specification... looks silly.
    4. The faint contrast of (I assume) "BUS STAND"
    5. The right turn only signs for professional (taxi) drivers... (would they drive straight into sitting people?)
    6. The yellow seats etc? Why not blue? Or IBC purple? lol

    The bus shelters look longer for the taxis in this picture. The bus shelters for the buses look shorter than the actual end design. Suffolk County Council decided to snub the taxis and move the bus shelters for the buses. All good for public transport! Except, despite a main transport hub relatively few buses stop there. No railway sign on a pole. No right turn only sign for taxi drivers. No array of trees near the road....

    Without bus operators sticking on ridiculous increases in service which isn't profitable... the business of taxis at a railway station is always important and is overlooked... At certain times there are no buses when there are trains, at other times people would rather not wait around to see if one turns up when infrequent.

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