Rail Safety: Greater Anglia guards open wrong doors

Discussion in 'Central Ipswich' started by dan5, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. dan5

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    In a shocking allegation made on twitter, it appears a guard (you know those who were recently protesting about being replaced by the driver when the new trains are delivered) opened the wrong doors (i.e. not the doors the correct side... the platform).

    This resulted in two passengers getting off on the wrong side, at Platform 1 in Ipswich Train Station.

    Not really the best attitude to have when trying to save the long term future of your jobs. I am sure the train driver would have opened the correct set of doors.

    If true, this is a very serious incident indeed. [GA TSM 2L77 13:50 PETERBORO to IPSWICH PLT1]

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    Ipswich Star has now picked this up, and as many may have realised (I didn't) that the guards were stand-in guards not the guards on strike.

    Ipswich Star - Safety fears as stand-in guard unlocks doors on wrong side of GA train

    Bad mistake on my part (assumed the twitter report wasn't too recent - like could things really be that bad on the trains in such a short period of time?) but not as bad as Ipswich Society who recently claimed someone fell off scaffolding in Princes Street and Ipswich Buses who reported the incident as a fire! :D
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