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    On Wednesday 10th January 2018, councillors will decide whether to activate a Pret Purge of Ipswich's independent coffee shops, tea rooms, cafes and sandwich shops, if they accept the recommended approval suggestion to overlook the DM20 planning policy to allow a Pret A Manger restaurant of 145 covers to open in the heart of Ipswich town centre.

    On realising Ipswich Ltd's absent planning application representation we wrote to the Planning & Development Committee members with our concerns. Our email is as follows:-

    It isn't going to be pretty! (We aren't just talking about the new Cornhill designs!)

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    Not a single reply from a politician yet - not even to confirm receipt (i.e. auto-responder).

    I did expect a few canned responses from the long list of councillors... although the CC sent to Sandy Martin and Ipswich Society haven't responded either, which is rather interesting. I did assume Sandy Martin's office team would have sent back a templated message stating it had been received and is being dealt with or that they consider it a local issue only.

    The email won't influence anyone. I am sure the councillors just agree on recommendations without reading the agenda packs... however, it serves as notice to these councillors about the damage potentially caused by such a decision and this signifies that all the councillors on the Planning & Development Committee were aware about the consequences of accepting the proposal (along with bending the rules regarding the DM20 policy).

    How long will the "Pret Purge" take? 6 months from opening?

    Am I setting up an "told you so" scenario here? These independents have also came up against the Buttermarket restaurants as of late and can expect further problems with the BHS A3 units, the buffet restaurant (if it ever goes ahead) and Bankside Ipswich (6 restaurants). A little further away you could also add the Sproughton Enterprise Park units to that list.
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