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Pret A Manger And New Bank To Move To Ipswich Cornhill Landmark Site

Discussion in 'Ipswich News' started by newsbot, Aug 3, 2017.

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  1. newsbot


    The former Grimwades store on Ipswich Cornhill is expected to be split into two – and converted into a Pret A Manger and a bank.

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  3. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    What a load of shit. Same old for Ipswich Borough Council.

    1. Ben Gummer invited Stuart Rose to Ipswich to kick start plans for Cornhill Redevelopment (to counter balance the Upper Orwell Crossings project)
    2. It was advertised to the people of Ipswich for it to become a plaza/piazza of al fresco dining
    3. Cornhill designs do not allow much space for this to happen - pillars chosen instead
    4. Borough turns down restaurant planning application saying it must be a retail shop
    5. People express their dislike over the new Cornhill plans but council approves of it anyway
    6. Pret steps in the frame as a named target, and the borough council is sold to revert their stance
    They made it clear it must remain a shop - but we are having a food takeaway Pret which will likely be normal retail class due to planning trickery and a bank... so much for the building having to be a traditional shop.

    I must accept that a) so many people want a Pret here, and b) I think it is a good location for a Pret.

    I have a problem that the council wasn't allowing this to happen for anyone but changing their view on what they perceive as a good upmarket brand. Endless promotion of The Saints independent businesses, yet the council wants more clone town... the same old you can find in any town centre. All monies from a business like Pret (same applies to Greggs) get exported out of the local economy and local independents cannot compete with their price points and marketing prowess.

    They were content in A1 planning class for this place. A1 is general retail - shops to me and you.

    A bank unless I am mistaken is A2 (financial services)... and if Pret is going to ensure their usage is well matched they will retain A1 planning consent... if they decide to have more sitting area, it will be A3 (restaurant/cafe).

    This news will please a lot of people but I think a Pret here isn't going to have the same vibe with the new Cornhill when it comes. They would be better matched in the Buttermarket Centre.

    I thought they meant the old post office building for a moment... would have been worse.
  4. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Ipswich Star Website Comments

    Couldn't find the link shared on social media, perhaps tomorrow?
  5. martinc


    interesting, I had heard a rumour that N*x* where thinking of moving in there,
  6. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Well this could be hearsay, I did a quick search and couldn't find any trace of the link on facebook or twitter from ipswichstar24 or eadt24. I checked - it isn't the first of April - to split the unit in two would require planning permission... the side door wouldn't be adequate enough for a bank to have a first floor setup. A first floor Pret might give a nice view out of the window (if you are lucky) but access from a side door wouldn't really work for them.

    I heard Previous ;) was eyeing up the old post office building but unfortunately if you are an independent nobody cares if you are considering a specific area to trade from... if you are a big brand you can hint at it for years to get some free publicity. :eek:

    Obviously, the Cornhill - the heart of the town centre (plus the town hall, old post office building and Lloyds) - is a hot destination... especially when you factor in the close proximity of Debenhams, M&S and banks (cash points - do people still get cash out at an ATM instead of using cards in shops?) Grimwades isn't suitable in its current form and a decision should be made to allow it to be butchered in places to get a tenant. Not everyone will agree with that but the longer the town stays how it is, fewer people who will see it anyway... at least you will get more people seeing it. Furthermore, the ground floor could have a nice glass window display which could at least rival Coes in the festive period. I am not sure it it would look right with the rest of the building but if it works, it would work well.

    I would be surprised if they returned to the town centre. I know their store at Suffolk Retail Park would have to close eventually (if it was to get developed) but their Martlesham presence is likely adequate. I am sure they have been looking for an west Ipswich location - perhaps if B&M shut that store or a small store on the Park & Ride site (bigger than the terminal building and probably multi-storey). More likely to focus on near Matalan if a unit became available. With the way Ipswich is going, Martlesham is probably enough!
  7. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    We can see the future lol...


    The link is the same, the comments from yesterday's article remain... yes, they have just modified the date it was posted at. I thought they would so this and I am sure this time they have shared it on Social Media - I will wait until later to see what the comments are. Give it time to build up.

    Another comment has been posted on the comments...

    People love brands... and just like coffee shops, people will save up their disposable income for an expensive coffee to feel a little special. For many it means skipping meals to afford it. This means we are losing a few independents... Carters Coffee in Lloyds Avenue probably high up on the list and J&G Coffee in High Street are likely to be heavily impacted.

    A Pret could create a two horse race between Pret and Greggs - people may not see any alternative if heavily marketed. Talking of Greggs, I am sure Pret will also employ the same type of morons who work in Greggs. Go to an independent, at least they are normal people!

    It is unlikely to be as expensive as an airport location and might be reasonable with the location and large number of potential sales (volume vs price). By reasonable I mean around the £2 mark for a regular coffee LOL
  8. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    There is a rumour that it will be Metro bank.

    Ipswich Star website...


    Selected sample - pro and against

    Bring on some negative comments...

    (How is it cheaper to shop elsewhere?)

    Reality check...

    Some love for Ipswich...

    More comments...

    A good point, it annoys me coffee shops closing after work time.

    Greggs mention... (not sure anyone can say Greggs coffee is better than Pret coffee)

    Someone plugging a local independent (which might be forced to shut if a Pret opens up)

  9. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Allegations on Ipswich Star of the work having already started on partitioning the unit.

    Either BillyBSer or a significant development. After spending too much time in town in 2016, in 2017 I have been avoiding the depressing place, so I cannot claim to have noticed anything to suggest work has already started... to be fair there is nothing to specify that partitioning requires any such permission from the council as the building isn't listed and doesn't affect the external appearance, the planning use or the frontage.

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