Poor Driving Standards by Police in Ipswich

Discussion in 'Crime & Safety' started by martinc, May 10, 2017.

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    Is it any wonder driving standards in the UK are so bad, and I believe around these parts they are particularly bad.

    So last night, early eve, still daylight, I pulled up behind a police car at a set of traffic lights. This set of lights has a stop line set well back, and a cycle reserve area in front of that. The police car had stopped right across the cycle area and I think was then slightly in advance of the cycle stop line. Clearly not how you are supposed to stop at that junction. I know that the stop line is set back as busses approaching from the right need the space to swing around, had a bus been coming the police car would have obstructed it.

    So, we pull away, and still behind the police car approach the next set of lights which were at green. Bearing in mind I was following immediately behind the police car turns left at these lights but no indicators used.

    Police car then proceeds along a section of one way street, he swaps lanes from right to left, no signals give.

    Then, this is the best bit, the car stops at the next set of lights, they go green quite quickly, the police cars moves forwards, and then stops on the yellow cross hatched area, before the traffic clears and he can pull away. Now the rule is you do not enter a yellow box unless your exit is clear. His exit was not clear, he should have held back.

    So there we go, 4 traffic / highway code violations by a police car in less then probably 4 minutes in less than quarter of a mile of driving.

    Surely a marked police car should drive to the letter fo the law and set us all a good example when its not an a call. He was not on a call. I was not impressed.

    I will say however the yellow box junction of which I speak is one I cross probably twice a day. On 99.999% of all occasions there will be traffic  stopped across it, often including busses.


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      It is a general observation I see... Many aren't aware that with the ASL boxes it is the closest line to you and not the line closest to the traffic light, so I generally see people jump red lights thinking as they aren't before the ASL box, that they must be okay.

      Police are genuinely shocking drivers but it must be the police officer's nose? I am sure they do it to witness a reaction to pull up someone on - although generally speaking as non-traffic cops they wouldn't.

      I am not sure why police officers aren't put through an internal driving test; but there is unfortunately a culture of "Us Vs Them" with police so it doesn't really surprise me at all.

      They aren't accountable for their own action like everyone else - it is a common misconception that they must be on a 999-call with lights and siren ("good practice") to bend the rules with jumping red lights etc, but looking into a couple of years back (and being corrected!) they only need to be on duty.

      This is why the majority are poor drivers... people get influenced by others and when the police and professional drivers (taxis, buses, lorry drivers) etc. are setting a bad example people just follow. Some people pride themselves on their good standards of driving but with the bar getting lowered, I am sure even they have deteriorated over the years a slight bit.