Ipswich Star Police commissioner’s ‘most difficult decision’ looms over tax increase

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    Police commissioner’s ‘most difficult decision’ looms over tax increase.
    Almost 1,000 people responded to a survey asking whether or not they supported an almost 7% increase in the policing element of council tax.

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  3. dan5

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

  4. martinc

    martincFounder Member

    He can have it if we actually see some improvement in the police service in Suffolk, it will be worth a few quid a year. Much thinner blue line now than ever before, all brought about by central government cuts so far as I can tell, I agree with his decision to endeavour to get the money locally, what else can he do!

    Or we all keep the £9.00 its going to cost us and watch the crime rate go up more, see more supermarket ram raids, moan everytime we report a crime but never ever see a policeman in response, we continue to steer clear of the no go areas in our towns, and etc, etc.

    Better still have £10.00.... If we want services we have to pay for them.
  5. dan5

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    This makes complete logical sense Martin, but we pay for the police already and receive nothing. Maybe a slight exaggeration in there... but this is modern Tory ideology. I think if we subscribe too much into over-taxation it will become a limitless exercise. It isn't necessary the amount but the principle. Remember the politicians and private sector contractors aren't taking a cut and before you know it more of our taxes will be funding another war.

    Everything appears to be taxed, yet all of a sudden we aren't seeing the services for those taxes. So whether it is parents having to help subsidise schools or a levy on disposable cups which costs more than the beverage costs to make to fund recycling (I assume)... it is just about forcing people to take more responsibility to pay more. I assume cost for calling an ambulance will be next on the agenda to be reintroduced.

    Off on a tangent here... if we consider just in Greater Ipswich alone people filling up their tanks (fuel duty, vat), paying road tax and, Insurance Premium Tax on car insurance etc not to mention the council tax going to SCC for never ending roadworks... and the lack of road infrastructure upgrades received. Factor in haulage, business rates and income tax of workers etc of Port of Felixstowe in regards for a Northern Bypass or A14 upgrades (yet monies for the vanity bridge and a four village bypass of half the money) Next on the agenda will be a congestion charge or tolls... it is politicians just trying their luck... they have to pay it too but claim it back in expenses (not even from their taxpayer funded salary).

    Getting back to the police... the problem is Suffolk has pooled resources. There is the remnants of Labour ideals of neighbourhood policing and PCSOs (which were nothing like old fashioned policing); but in reality there isn't a police officer assigned to an area. There is no town centre police hub anymore, it is concentrated at NW Ipswich (Landmark House) and at Martlesham Heath. There is major crime hotspots in Ipswich especially around the waterfront and rail station... one is the marketed part of the town and the other is the main transport hub... no assigned officers to even those locations... The police doesn't have anything ongoing, HQ decides to launch crackdown operations once in a while... it catches people but is a small window of opportunity from a bigger problem.
  6. dan5

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    The solution for police is to breakaway the pooled resources. An Ipswich police force for Ipswich, a Lowestoft police force for Lowestoft and Bury St Edmunds police force for BSE etc. Of course, they can request support and helps to cooperate anyway. Unfortunately the growth hasn't helped, Ipswich is stretched across Greater Ipswich including Kesgrave, Martlesham Heath and Woodbridge. They don't even appear to have a division for the A14 alone.

    So although agreeing to pay more to get more is sound, you notice when there has been a murder, rape/sex attack or a police officer attacked half the police force has turned up... yet at other times there appears to be no units available... that is pooled resources. High command has requested that response but other times declines it. The first two examples are of the most serious offences, yet securing a crime scene doesn't warrant all those vehicles, it is a show of force to reassure the public they are taking it seriously... it is non-front-line staff (i.e. detectives) you need, not constables... as for the latter, you can respect the police responding to help a fallen colleague... but would you get such an urgent response if you dialled 999 whilst being attacked? No one may turn up!

    I think this is my problem. Prioritising calls is important. It is well known that due to austerity they have very limited cover at night time but (for example) the police officer who got attacked in Portman Road (top end) Police officer assaulted in Ipswich’s Portman Road was fortunate to have 10 or so units speeding to his rescue. These units must have been on duty, your call might not be important enough for them to be dispatched to you... they are just waiting around for more serious crime. The fire service appears to be dispatched and reassigned if needed. The police paid for doing nothing? Do they wait in an office somewhere or drive around? I suppose they are greedy organisation where officers are paid for standby and more if needed for a call out. So to save money, they just don't get called out? If they can spend millions on the missing person investigation.... (I know they plan of claiming the costs back)

    I think it is time for Tim Passmore to go. Police are performing badly for over a decade (some argue it went downhill since Suffolk Constabulary was formed) and it is getting worse. It is poorly managed. I find it awful there is no money for policing but resources can be used as a political resource or just to reassure the public with their police numbers. I frequently see 2-4 police vehicles at the railway station... Do they really need to come in twos? I assume two officers per car also. You also have the operation from a supermarket/retail park car park... all you can see is police but doesn't do anything for other times. Even for trivial policing that matters... if I obstructed the public highway the police would come out and arrest me, but the police weren't interested in getting involved with Buttermarket Centre car park despite that minor infringement having major consequences for the town centre (although we have the A12 and A14 lets not forget everything is centrally focused in Ipswich) and all these people affected pretty much taxpayers... Although one of the major things that annoy me is police officer remit... I have seen some pretty shocking driving witnessed by police officers in a police car over the last few years but because they aren't traffic cops they haven't got involved. This is poor policing.

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