Paul Geater Criticises Ipswich Borough Council's Decision To Pollute Ipswich With New Free Shuttle

Discussion in 'Local Politics' started by dan5, Aug 3, 2017.

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  1. dan5

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    An interesting viewpoint by Paul Geater. His opinion posts are usually designed to wind people up.


    Paul Geater is only right to be concerned at the diesel fumes coming off the free shuttle at lunchtime while he is outside the back of Portman House having a cigarette.

    I don't usually agree with him but he makes a good point. The Green Travel Plan is there to reduce the impact to the environment from workers getting to and from work. Creating a bus service which pollutes heavily (especially a double decker and not a small single decker mini bus) for journeys of short distance that doesn't reduce any cars from the road is stupid.

    Let us not forget the original free shuttle bus (one of two I believe) was a hybrid bus. The technology wasn't there at the time and it broke down pretty badly quite often. This was an attempt at being green however, and this new service is far from it. Just another bus polluting the town centre.

    Okay, he follows on from this saying how council workers are lazy and should just walk to be healthier...
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  3. martinc


    no link to Star site on this one, can't be bothered to go looking for it. from the sound of it this is something I can agree with, that bus is so bloody stupid, make the buggers walk, its better for them, the environment, and me...
  4. OP

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Apologies. As you can see this isn't auto-imported and for some reason I forget to include the link.

    Paul Geater: New Free Bus is welcomed but is it right for the town

    For the interest of anyone stumbling across this topic wondered the original page - the link is above.

    This highlights the town problems a lot. Not public transport or green initiatives... but the councils decisions. Nothing gets done or improved for the better, but if anything is politically spun then it happens.

    I was aware of the free shuttle being axed 6 weeks (or more) before the paper and IBC even knew about it (or could publicly admit that they are aware of it)... SCC stripped the borough bus company Ipswich Buses from running Park & Ride. Ipswich Buses were content with running a poor bus service, SCC just want to scrap P&R entirely. It quietly scrapped the free shuttle (Ipswich Buses aware (thus the council too) as they cancelled the service with the transport commissioner) in favour of cash incentives to support the borough bus company's biggest rival running the Park & Ride.

    Two elections, and everyone kept it a closely guarded secret... although it is publicly available information and in some circles common knowledge; no candidate was willing to investigate and bring it into their campaigns despite evidence shown beyond the claim. No one cared as it is just a free shuttle bus to the council offices and to the town. Why would the electorate be interested? Therefore... Why would they save it?

    So the Tory senior council stripped Ipswich Buses of the Park & Ride contract (they didn't just lose the new tender competition as they had time left on their contract and SCC terminated it early with 6 months notice) and pulled the free shuttle bus which operates outside the borough HQ. Only one thing the Labour-controlled junior borough council could do... yes, reinstate it on a much smaller budget... reduce the route size (although sensible) and only run it at lunchtime for a limited period of time (until March/April 2018).

    Their intention is to ask Ipswich Central to cover the costs (they won't unless IBC give them a grant to do this, like the festive display) before publicly funding the balance of making this run more frequently. If it runs into disuse they will scrap it. Their decision will directly be aligned to the Park & Ride. (If P&R is still going strong they will probably axe it. If SCC achieves its objective of closing the P&R, Labour will keep the free shuttle to say they won) It is Labour's way of getting back at the Conservatives... and we thought they were all working together for the benefit of the county town... Ipswich Vision? :D

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