Over 130 People Lose Their Jobs As Call Connection In Ipswich Town Centre Goes Into...

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    Over 130 people working in Ipswich town centre were today told they would be losing their jobs.

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  2. dan5

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    Awful news. It is time the CEO of Ipswich Central BID Paul Clement stepped down.

    Cheek of Paul Clement... boosting false confidence in the town, while all along his town centre business was struggling. Of course, he will walk away, possibly richer. Central Management Solutions has done well out of Ipswich central BID. 134 people have lost their jobs... and just yesterday none were any wiser. I am sure the staff are angry, very angry!

  3. dan5

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    Paul Clement terminated his directorship in Call Connection in May. Shortly afterwards (9 days later) he became reappointed a director.

    Call Connection Administration Set To See 130 Jobs Go

    Call Connection Ltd

    • 66190 - Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation not elsewhere classified
    • 82200 - Activities of call centres
    • 82990 - Other business support service activities not elsewhere classified

    08 May 2017 Termination of appointment of Paul Clement as a director on 6 May 2017
    16 May 2017 Appointment of Mr Paul Clement as a director on 15 May 2017

    Elsewhere, on their website still advertising for workers...
    Current Vacancies | Call Connection

    Companies House termination (TM) and director appointment (AP) forms attached.

    Was he trying to get out of it? Has he known the fate for just over 2 months?

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  4. dan5

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    Severe censorship through Ipswich Star, even on their facebook page it appears.

    Local Press very quiet about probing Paul Clement's Ipswich Central connection.
  5. dan5

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    Ipswich Star has speculated that Paul Clement only became CEO in May.

    His linkedin profile states otherwise...

    He was quick to update his linkedin profile to reflect the changes. Ipswich Star isn't taking critical comments on Paul Clement or Ipswich Central - so it is suspicious for them to confuse close to 14 years as 2 months.

    A statement from Sandy Martin has been added to the article...

    I am not sure what to make of this statement. We cannot be sure whether this is the full statement or a snippet taken for the press. Perhaps Sandy Martin is aware of more than most people know (Call Connection has been in operation over a decade - not long-term but hardly too short term such as a gone-by-night company) or just stressing that Ipswich has relatively few of these employers... and even those who meet such bracket, go through phases of shredding jobs - especially in the insurance industry.

    Linkedin Digest (in case it is made private)

    Interesting comments popping up on facebook...

    Probably will disappear...

    Comments have been reenabled on Ipswich Star this morning but no comments yet.
  6. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    From University of Suffolk.... Paul Clement


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