Orwell Bridge Closures: Idiot Drivers

Discussion in 'Orwell Bridge Closures' started by dan5, Oct 20, 2017.

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    Unfortunately, people get hot tempered, they panic... and what is generally a decreasing standard of road users with poor discipline, comes some complete idiots. Being polite of course.
    You cannot really tell in this photo. I first tried to tell the driver off with shaking my head and the no-no gesture. Circled is a child, you cannot see too clearly in the photo which is only good for privacy reasons. Yes you guessed it... this car wants to go right... was in the far left lane... the indicator is on. Not too clear in the photo.

    I took this photo as cars were coming across from the A1071 - hence red cycle and pedestrian light. Not many cars heading in this direction - most were turning left (well, waiting for a gap). I only took the photo to enforce what I was instructing at him - he was looking directly at me. You can see the wheels of this orange mini aiming left and a gap between the lorry and the car behind the mini. The car behind moved up, the mini reversed a little out of the path of danger.

    Opposite is cars and lorries, probably peddle hungry into getting across the junction. What did the driver do? Yes he turned right! (When these lights went green straight ahead and left - not the separate signals for turning right which he couldn't see). It is prohibited to turn right here. Down the wrong way and cut up a lorry. This is why I used the photo rather than delete it.

    I should also point out that traffic heading out of town was very light. The dual carriageway in front was empty, the opposite side completely congested. You can tell in this photo that only a few vehicles are queuing on this side. The car jumped a red light to get past the stop line.

    Rude Drivers

    I should also point out that earlier I was crossing besides Tesco Copdock where the zebra crossing is. Some old woman allowed the crossing not be obstructed (well done) observed from Tesco bus stop area, then blocked it after I walked down, as I was about to cross.

    This was without any cars moving up... as the mini roundabout further ahead was gridlocked. Was absolutely no reason to be rude. I didn't take a photo as I didn't take a before photo (doesn't change about not stopping on a zebra crossing)... this is a private road but "public place" of the RTA 88 applies rather than "public highway". She did this whilst her car was full of people. I don't know why people have to be like this.

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