Orwell Bridge Closures: Emergency Services headache

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    It has been mentioned before. So people will get caught up in traffic getting from A to B. You will lose your time. You will lose money through burning more fuel. If you have an awful boss you might even lose your job or expect to not be paid for the time you were stuck in traffic. None of it is ideal. But could someone lose their life?
    The above picture is around 3pm. Pre-rush hour school run. Circled is an ambulance. I am not sure how long it was stuck here before I managed to take a photo. I could pretend and lie to say the ambulance was here for a long time later... credit to the drivers in the long queue who managed to position themselves to let the ambulance through. The ambulance wasn't held up any longer than a few minutes after I took this photo.

    The ambulance then has to battle the next big junction... and I presume going on the old bypass A1214 to the hospital would struggle to negotiate single carriageway roads.

    In the profession there is something called the golden hour.
    I doubt this ambulance would have been held up at this part for longer than 5 minutes (no evidence of this either way) especially that traffic flow heading out of town was so light which allows for using the fast lane on the opposite carriageway. If it came from London Road it would have had the bus lane.

    I don't know where this ambulance came from and how long it took to get here (I am assuming it is heading towards the hospital) but the hour includes an ambulance arriving and then getting back to the hospital. It has spent a twelfth just at this one junction.

    You cannot choose when you - or a friend or family member - need urgent medical assistance. We don't know whether this ambulance was responding to a life threatening emergency. The purpose of this article is to suggest it isn't the case of inconvenience and losing some money; if fate says you are to require emergency medical treatment, it isn't first going to check if the bridge is open before that happens!

    Of course, this applies to all emergency services... your house could be on fire, someone could be drowning in a river or a domestic violence case, just a few examples.

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