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Northern Bypass NBP Part 4!

Discussion in 'Northern Bypass' started by ipswichltd, Feb 14, 2017.

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  1. ipswichltd

    ipswichltdNew Member

    I have been asked by watchfull to start off the Northern Bypass Part 4 topic!

    As streetlife is closing down and many peoples concerns with Next Door, the conversation will continue on IPSWI.

    The original topic will be imported to IPSWI so you can refer back to posts.

    Please bear with the site which can be a little troublesome, these problems will be ironed out over the next week or two.

    The first three topics on the Northern Bypass had over 1200 messages. On IPSWI, please join the Northern Bypass group and keep most Northern Bypass discussions (i.e. any other related topics not part of this one) into the Northern Bypass groups forums. This allows everyone interested in discussing it together and avoid the issue on Streetlife where if you contribute a lot you end up losing your topics!
    Welcome to the new IPSWI beta!
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  3. Ipswi


    A Freedom of Information request for Northern Bypass Information was refused by Suffolk County Council and is awaiting an Internal Review.
    Dear Suffolk County Council,

    Please provide all documents and correspondence since 2010 regarding the idea(1) of a road(2) north(3) of Ipswich(4) which may or may not be related to the scrapped plan of the 1990s.

    A previous request (the above later FOI request was a rephrase) was refused...
    Dear Suffolk County Council,

    Please provide all documents and correspondence since 2010 regarding the proposed Northern Bypass for Ipswich.

    Examples may include:-
    - correspondence with other councils, central government or politicians
    - internal meetings, surveys or reports
    - any objections or recommendations from residents or community groups

    The above list isn't exhaustive [...]

    Suffolk County Council's response was:
    There is no Suffolk County Council proposal for a Northern Bypass for Ipswich and hence no correspondence relating to such a proposal.
  4. watchfull


    Well done Ipswich Ltd for setting up this site we are now able to continue our quest for a much needed NBP -- I will be introducing more punters but only the ones that have given me their email addresses -- somehow we must find away of advertising this site to a larger audience have anyone got any ideas?
  5. Ipswi


    Once the faults are fixed with the site and more people have signed up I can start promoting the site out there.

    It is a challenge but hopefully this week will have Northern Bypass Part 1, 2 and 3 uploaded. I might need to manually copy-and-paste each comment with over 1000 in total. I am very glad Martin has took his own copy, just in case I am missing comments. These topics will be read only. There was a number of short replies, but a great deal some really important, useful and helpful content so it is great it isn't lost.

    The exchanges between Suffolk County Council will be very interesting and if I can properly import it into IPSWI you will be able to view all Matts responses directly... the same with other supporters.

    I have quite enjoyed going back to read the debate prior to me registering on streetlife. I feel that I took the topic slightly off on a tangent but it was clear to see how the council was treating taxpayers and voters.
  6. watchfull


    Hi Ipswich Ltd Have just had an email from two of our old faithful they like what they have seen and just joined us -- welcome on board -- Jonh T and David L -- one at least still to come -- come on Joe S waiting for you
  7. watchfull


    Did anyone hear ITV Anglia News at 1800 hrs tonight -- Ipswich and Suffolk are ranking 17th -- in the most congested -- in the UK -- and still the SC want 15yrs to sort us out -- come on you lot get your fingers out -- or get out and make way for others who can do the job -- we all know what party that is --
    In my opinion, the argument for a NBP for Ipswich has gone on long enough -- why is it the citizens of Ipswich can see the dire need for an NBP -- but to those that are paid to do the job, by the tax payer cant or won't ????
  8. Ipswi


    So glad you have got to grips with IPSWI watchfull! Takes a little getting used to.

    I didn't see the ITV Anglia news report... yet. But I will make sure I do. Up until now Ipswich has been self-regulating, not much growth in population due to deaths and people moving away... it could be that congestion sorts itself out with more people moving away?

    From ITV News Anglia website...

    Traffic jams in East Anglia among the worst in UK
    Traffic congestion in towns and cities in the Anglia region are delaying drivers for hours and costing the economy millions of pounds.

    Of the places surveyed by traffic information company Inrix, Luton and Cambridge are listed as the having the worst traffic jams in the East of England.


    I am very cautious however of Inrix's study...
    Places in the Anglia region listed as the UK's most congested
    7th - Luton, Bedfordshire
    13th - Cambridge
    17th - Ipswich, Suffolk
    22nd - Chelmsford, Essex
    28th - St Neots, Cambridgeshire
    31st - Stevenage, Hertfordshire
    38th - Northampton
    40th - Colchester, Essex
    42nd - Milton Keynes
    60th - Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire
    65th - Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
    68th - Kettering, Northamptonshire
    73rd - Daventry, Northamptonshire
    78th - Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

    Colchester's road network gets really bad. I am not sure how it is only 40th? Or are they factoring every road overall?
  9. watchfull


    Second try --- Ipswich Ltd -- your post regarding NBP parts 1-2-3 I know that you will get there in the end -- without your help we would not have a platform for our debates -- we are with you all the way -- did have a smile as to one of your remarks -- where you said that after reading parts 1-2-3 you felt that you had gone somewhat off tangent -- I must say that one or two of us did feel that you did steal all the oxygen at times -- glad that you did now, and you have shown/given us the way to carry on fighting in what we believe
  10. Ipswi


    Rather badly formatted data. The simple way just doesn't work!

    Local politicians like to make proactive persons feel a little special, will lay out a nice rug... (not red carpet) before pulling it out from underneath you!

    This is why I didn't approach this in the usual conventional way... such as get involved with the political party, meet as a fellow party member, build up support from other party members, allow it to feed through to the politicians... even representing an area as a councillor, slowly build up rapport, then down the road find out they aren't even remotely interested in really pursuing a Northern Bypass.

    The alternative way is close to impossible in Ipswich. People won't unite on local issues or politics if not part of a political party. I am still looking to create a democratic group which may or may not work out. What you managed to achieve on streetlife was amazing. I am rather annoyed they decided to pull the site but its their property, so they can do what they want with it... even with your personal data it seems!

    A few too many disagreements with Matt, but I am allergic to bullshit. Local authorities see people working together on local issues (or discussing them) as a threat to their power. I don't think you started NBP topic with the view of getting rid of anyone and I certainly didn't form Ipswich Ltd to displace anyone either... just wanting to improve where we live without spin of statements in the press or figures! Unfortunately, there is a few people that want to retain control of the town. I most certainly wish there was some major corruption behind closed doors but it is more along the lines of the BIG I-AM (not to be confused with Ipswich Arts & Museums which is of no more).

    There has never been more need for my company, the violent out-of-control crime is going through the roof, every "improvement" project is doing the complete opposite and Ipswich's profile isn't improving no matter how many photos of videos you take of the Ipswich Waterfront!

    The Northern Bypass and Orwell Unitary Authority are crucial to the growth of the town. Some Felixstowe residents are too proud to want to join Ipswich (possibly because of its reputation) but it will happen sooner or later once they have experienced East Suffolk decision making from Lowestoft but with housing near them.
  11. Ipswi


    Orwell Bridge Closure anticipated as an certainty as Storm Doris approaches. With Ranelagh Road closed and roadworks on Nacton Road today could be very special in terms of record Ipswich gridlock.

    They are trying to keep the bridge open for morning rush hour - likely to close around 10am - and hoping to reopen before evening rush hour. Winds are expected to become more reasonable from 6pm. We will see.

    An Northern Bypass would help relief congestion from a closed Orwell Bridge as a secondary objective. Primary objective of boosting the local economy, supporting businesses and housing projects.
  12. watchfull


    Ipswich Star update by Edmund Crosthwaite
    Should the Orwell bridge have to close -- a diversion will be put in place through Ipswich -- Who do they think they are kidding -- we all know what that will mean -- the Valley road (A1214) -- more disruption noise and pollution for the good folk that live on that road -- if you have any doubts just ask Martin C
  13. Ipswi


    I assume the bridge will be closed until 6pm. Piss poor. Highways England East have a lot to answer for.

    So much uncertainty. Heavy winds expected 10am to 6pm... this meant bridge closure! Highways England were avoiding to say this, other sources were the first to say it will be closed from 10am! Instead of guaranteeing a bridge closure from 10 am to 6pm - on the basis that it may reopen earlier if safe or close earlier if winds were too high... they messed everyone about with their assessments (last one at 9.30am).

    Expect a lot of traffic congestion in Ipswich now.
  14. martinc


    watching traffic on Google maps, expecting the town to all light up in red shortly..

    this is it now...

  15. Ipswi


    Very dangerous going over the bridge with these sort of winds... they had to decide of immediately closing the bridge for safety... if the traffic cams are live, you can see traffic still crossing the bridge 15 minutes or so later! (I stopped viewing after then but only saved a few cam still (latest 13 minutes past 10).

    There are some safeguards - Felixstowe Port can book less lorries in to reduce the problem and the traffic shouldn't really get too severe until the midday rush when everyone who doesn't work seems to do their weekly shopping... and slightly after for the school run then evening rush hour. I am sure they are hoping to open the bridge for the evening rush hour, but as we know it will still cause problems with traffic flow.


    Ipswich Buses seem to think the bridge will be closed at 11am... Bloody amateurs. But looking at the latest traffic cams it appears traffic is still going over; despite saying it is closed on the information screens, in the press and so forth. Expect more red on the map soon after 11am! No twitter apologies/excuses for delayed buses yet though. I really feel bad for bus companies and hopefully they will support a campaign for a Northern Bypass; however, I expect they don't really care about poor service when they have a major "third party" excuse as to why it is delayed.


    Normal service? Isn't two routes with a temporary timetable or am I missing something?

    Orwell Bridge 11am closure, disaster for town
  16. northernbypass

    northernbypassNew Member

    Will the police join us or just political spin?

    From BBC Suffolk live news..
    PCC describes 'utter chaos' when Orwell Bridge is closed

    Posted at 9:36

    As we wait for an announcement about the closure of the Orwell Bridge, the county's Police and Crime Commissioner has been talking about the affect on travel in Ipswich when it happens.

    Gridlock in Ipswich last time Orwell Bridge shut

    Tim Passmore said: "The huge difficulty we've got of course, there isn't really an alternative.

    "It's all very well saying divert it through Ipswich, we all know it just doesn't work, it was utter chaos.

    "Unfortunately I think those that perhaps are able to work at home or go somewhere else, one would encourage them to do that to try and reduce the gridlock to a minimum.

    "In the longer term we have to find an alternative way of getting in and around Ipswich.

    "It's bad enough without the bridge being closed and it's just absolutely devastatingly chaotic when it closes so longer term, we've got to find a solution.

    "I don't think anything else will do."

    Within minutes of the bridge and stretch of road including 60 mph restriction enforced by Average Speed Cameras... the A14 eastbound in the congestion zone, a car was involved in an incident - which I assume to be minor. There is a claim of "Police Trap" on Valley Road.
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