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Discussion in 'Northern Bypass' started by ipswichltd, Feb 25, 2017.

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  1. ipswichltd

    ipswichltdNew Member

    Watchfull was kind enough to suggest producing car stickers to get the word out there!

    Various different kinds exist - car stickers, vehicle vinyl, bumper stickers and window vinyls / window stickers.

    Window stickers (well vinyl) are probably the better option).

    • Does anyone know any suppliers? I will look around. Once with a design it is either buy an batch order of 100 or 1000 (whichever is the Minimum Order Quantity, MoQ) with a waiting list to buy new batches or one of those websites where people can individually get one (likely most expensive per unit).

    • How much would you be willing to pay for a sticker/vinyl (with P&P)? Depending on unit cost as to whether it is something that could be given away or bought at cost (with P&P), hopefully with a view of not charging anyone from IPSWI other than P&P... sending multiple once could create some savings too.

    • What size? Any design ideas? A large rectangle, circle badge, square? Perhaps a few full-width designs?

    Any other promotional ideas? Perhaps vinyl on car bonnet, side door or boot? Just brainstorming ideas for now!
    Welcome to the new IPSWI beta!
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  3. watchfull


    I would only be too willing to pay for a sticker/s and p&p -- as it is I have cut a sheet of A4 in half to approx size 15cm x 21cm or 5-3/4inch X 8 1/4inch two out of one sheet of A4

    Have printed

    Northern Bypass
    For Ipswich
    Have your Say
    Log on to --- all centred, of course, put one in each passenger window, went over to Asda shopping it drew a lot of attention you never know -- where to get some printed I just do not know
  4. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Some posters professionally printed would be a good idea... alternatively  IPSWI business card (business card with the website address on so people can easily hand it out to spread the word) or A6 flyers/leaflets (quarter A4 size).
  5. OP

    ipswichltdNew Member

    I have looked at a couple of suppliers so far, for rectangular window vinyl (slightly smaller than A4) around 80p each on MoQ of 100. Plus VAT and delivery. I have ordered samples, if they are good quality it may be worth it. This will make it roughly £2 with postage per sticker but would get attention.

    Thank you Watchfull, will look into the posters idea also. It would give an opportunity to have them put up on noticeboards etc.

  6. martinc


    you would have thought that our campaigning local paper would have perhaps done something like this to show the true commitment to the cause, (and get their name on the stickers) They did give away free Ips Star car stickers not so long ago, I think I've seen 1 in a car so far..!
  7. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Would it be wrong to name drop them in our own promotions?

    Not only have they said they have a campaign and done a petition... but they recently confirmed they still have an campaign...

    Something along the lines of "supported by [insert large Ipswich Star logo]".
  8. martinc


    yes, it must be some new sort of campaign where you do it all in secret as so far as I can recall there has been nothing at all since that initial article and poll.. you would have expected at last a weekly update and mention of it in their recent coverage of the storm Doris bridge closure but did they mention the campaign at all last Thursday or Friday? Not that I noticed..
  9. Ipswi


    They didn't. So much for the new editor... well I suppose crime has picked up so they don't need any fillers? What was disappointing whilst trying to be neutral for the purpose of this post is... as soon as the northern route study report came out you would expect them to have tied that to their campaign and then to bring it up with the Storm Doris stuff! It is clear they have been told off by Gummer and told to axe the campaign or not get in on any of their meetings... rather sad considering the local rag without any competition has a significant outlet to say what it likes especially before the upcoming local elections.

    Newspapers are able to have a political bias unlike TV. It is no "The Sun" but I am sure it is in with a chance to turn public opinion on local matters if it tried hard enough.

    I remember when Geater threw his dummy out of the plan at Suffolk County Council's press department (or was it IBC?) it was news for months as they refused to deal with him. Surely something similar could be applied if they denied Ipswich Star the right in on their meetings? The problem is the Archant link of positive Norwich, negative Ipswich approach.
  10. Ipswich

    IpswichAdministratorStaff Member

    I am ordering a few item samples with a UK supplier I found to check out quality. They seem pretty reasonable and allow minimum order quantity of 1 unit with stepped discount for more orders.

    This will allow (hopefully) an average to get middle of the range discount to bring prices down, rather than the catch 22 of "make people wait a month or two for a good price" OR "dispatch in a couple of days at a not so good price".

    I wanted to avoid the "Vistaprint of merchandise" many are pricey (especially after VAT and delivery), shipped from overseas, have large volume individual printing (QC not a concern for them) and cannot trust their data protection.

    I will get back with the results and so forth.

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